Extreme Education

Monday, 17 December 2012  |  Paul

It’s amazing how education has changed since I was at school. I’ve been adding some new educational products recently and have been very surprised at how shocking and disgusting some of them are. Especially the ones that try to put kids off tobacco, like Clem’s Phlegm which is a jar full of a fake phlegm that could be coughed up by a smoker or the tin that contains the disgusting smell of a smoker (How do they do that?!).

There is definitely more shock value in today’s education. I bet these products certainly grab the attention of students and stick in their minds, much more so than the boring textbooks I remember.

Something I wish I could have had a go on at school is the DW Eyes Goggles or the Drunk & Dangerous Glasses that recreate the visual distortion, loss of perception and lack of control that you experience when drunk. Although, as I imagine kids would love playing with these in the classroom, I’m not sure how effective they would be at discouraging kids from drinking!