Extra Loud Telephones available now from Health and Care

Friday, 5 June 2009  |  Paul

We all know someone who could benefit from an extra loud phone in their home. The telephone is a lifeline for a lot of people and at times a telephone conversation is the only conversation that person may have in a day. If that person then finds it difficult to hear the phone ring or hear the other side of a conversation it is a severe disruption to their life and can lead to upset and confusion.

Amplified telephones are extra loud phones designed specifically for people with hearing difficulties and hearing loss. The amplification is applied to the ringing volume of the phone and also the receiving volume which is the volume of the person on the other end of the phone.

Many amplified phones are hearing aid compatible and can be used by hearing aid users who have the telecoil facility. The user has to simply switch their hearing aid to the ‘T’ position to hear the conversation clearly. An amplified phone can greatly enhance the quality of life of a person who is suffering from hearing loss. Conversations can be heard loud and clear with an extra loud phone and as the ringing of the phone is highly amplified the person does not miss a phone call.

Different types of hearing loss are also catered for by amplified phones. High frequency hearing loss is a very common condition and effects how people hear certain words. Words like ‘sleep’ end up sounding like ‘leep’ as the high frequency tone of the letter ‘s’ is inaudible by a sufferer of high frequency hearing loss.

The Geemarc Clear Sound range is available from Health and Care and the loud phones in this range are specifically designed for sufferers of high frequency hearing loss. The Geemarc Clearsound CL1400 is an amplified phone with a built in sound equaliser that selectively increases the volume of high or low frequency sounds.

As well as an extra loud ringing volume and receiving volume, a lot of amplified phones come equipped with other unique features that older people find very useful. The Geemarc Photophone is a loud phone with a simple solution for children and older people who struggle to remember telephone numbers. The Photo Phone uses 9 pre-programmed buttons with photographs to store the most used telephone numbers.

There are 18 loud phones available to purchase from Health and Care ranging in price from £44.99 to £179.99. All of the amplified phones available have adjustable volume control for the ringing volume and also the receiving volume.

The amplified phones available from Health and Care have amplification levels that can be increased by up to 40dB. As well as the extra loud ringing volume and receiving volume of the amplified phones, the loud phones available also come with several other features that would find with a standard phone. These extra features include an answering machine, handsfree speakerphone, caller ID, phone books and also a visual and vibrating ringer alert.