Extra Loud Phones for People Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

4 CommentsThursday, 5 April 2012  |  Paul

If you or someone you know is deaf or hard of hearing, telephone conversations can become incredibly difficult and frustrating for all people involved. Simple tasks like booking appointments, arranging to meet friends and paying bills are often impossible and can turn into major issues where there is a fear of answering the phone or making phone calls. Loud phones and extra loud phones have been specifically designed for people who are hard of hearing or deaf. We will look at how the phones work and the different types of phones that are available.

Loud telephones and extra loud telephones are sometimes referred to as amplified telephones. Amplified telephones for the deaf amplify the receiver volume in the phone. This is the part of the phone that is held up to the ear to hear during conversations. Some people who are hard of hearing or deaf can hear face to face conversations well but struggle particularly with telephone conversations. The Geemarc Amplipower 50 loud phone has a receiver volume which is adjustable and can reach 60dB making it one of the loudest phones available on the market. A receiver volume of up to 60dB in an amplified telephone is approximately 6 to 7 times louder than a standard phone, making it the ideal extra loud telephone for those who are profoundly deaf.

The Amplicom PowerTel 49 Plus phone is one of the most popular and good value hard of hearing phones on the market. This loud phone for the deaf has a handset volume 4 to 5 times louder than a standard phone. The Amplicom PowerTel 49 Plus telephone also has a an extra loud ringing volume of 90db, making the phone ideal for those who are hard of hearing who struggle to hear the phone ringing in the house. The Amplicom 49 Plus amplified telephone comes with large buttons so it is also a suitable phone for those who are visually impaired.

Loud phones for deaf people look just like standard phones so there is no need to worry about having an old fashioned bulky looking phone in your home. Cordless loud telephones are great for people who are deaf or hard of hearing as they can carry the phone around the house with them and make sure they do not miss a phone call. The Amplicom BigTel 280 Cordless Amplified Telephone is a very loud phone for hard of hearing people. The receiver volume of this amplified amplicom telephone is 3 to 4 times louder than a normal telephone. This hard of hearing phone also combines a high quality speaker which keeps noise disruption to a minimum, making it the ideal amplified phone for hard of hearing people.