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Exercise Blog!

Wednesday, 24 April 2013  |  Paul

As with many of you out there, I definitely am not gettingenough exercise.  Whilst we keep gettingtold that the population is getting fatter, some of us may be able to takesolace in the fact that we’re not ‘that bad’, but in this healthy consciousworld, I’m feeling the pressure to try get some more exercise, and generallyfeel better and healthier.  The problemis….I’m just not great at sports. I like to think I am, but I’m not.  In fact, the only sport I am good at isprobably snowboarding but that is because I dedicated a LOT of time to it.  I spent two winters living and working on asnow resort, and so had plenty of time to hone my skills, and it definitelywasn’t a quick process.

I always get into my head that ‘I LOVE cycling’ or ‘I LOVEkayaking’, or swimming, or any such sport, and ‘let’s go be active!’, but whenit comes down to it I am a massive struggler and wish I was better.  But there is one form of exercise which I canget to grips with, which may sound a bit wussy in comparison, but hey exerciseis exercise, and that’s walking.  On arecent registration check up at the doctor, I was asked how much exercise I do.After saying ‘not much’ in a, don’t be disappointed in me kind of way, when sheasked about walking I immediately perked up. I walk, who doesn’t walk! But more importantly, I enjoy walking, it’sprobably my preferred form of transport, not only because it’s nice to wanderaround, but also because I am very stingy and always like to save a penny hereor there.  With winter well and trulyover, the scope to go for a nice walk is greatly increased.  There’s so many websites out there which havegreat ideas for local walks in your area. It’s a great way to explore where you live, finding new shops or café’sin the city, or being at one with nature in the countryside.  Being in a gym, I get bored exercising on themachines, just looking blankly into the distance, but walking around you get toenjoy your surroundings as well as getting your heart pumping. 

There are countless resources out there telling you aboutthe benefits of walking, and what makes it ideal is that is accessible toalmost everyone.  There are plenty ofaids and supports found on the Health and Care website if any of you needassistance before you get out there.  Beit a walking stick, or a knee support, we have you covered so you can get outand enjoy a walk in the sunshine.