Evacuation Chairs – Full Range of Evacuation Chairs From Health and Care

Saturday, 6 June 2009  |  Paul

Evacuation Chairs, Emergency Transit Chairs, and Emergency Evacuation Equipment

Evacuation chairs are a vital part of building and office evacuation planning, enabling colleagues to evacuate a disabled or injured person quickly and safely. Emergency evacuation of a disabled colleague from a building with stairs may prove difficult without access to an evacuation chair. Where lifts may be out of action, evacuation chairs are vital in ensuring safety for all members of staff.

The full range of Health and Care evacuation chairs is available to view here.

Evacuation chairs provide a solution for businesses and premises that need to comply with health and safety legislation, providing a means of evacuation for those with a disability or injury in an emergency.

Strategic placing of evacuation chairs within a multi storey building alongside staff training will help organisations, businesses and corporations meet the duty of care requirements in risk assessments, satisfy the provisions set out in the Disability Discrimination Act and ensure that emergency evacuation procedures provide a plan of action for all employees or residents within a building.

Health and Care have a range of evacuation chairs and transit chairs, allowing you to choose the evacuation chair that suits your building and your budget. Evacuation chairs featured on the website include the Compact range of evacuation chair, and the Sirocco range of evacuation chair. There is also a bariatric evacuation chair capable of evacuating a larger subject down flights of stairs quickly, safely and in a controlled manner.

All evacuation chairs available on the Health and Care website are supplied with free fast postage and packaging. If you are not sure whether a certain evacuation chair is suitable to meet your needs, the Health and Care Customer Services Team are available to answer questions and provide advice about which evacuation chair is right for your premises and circumstances.