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E Cigarettes and Vaping Sub Culture

Saturday, 23 August 2014  |  Paul

The use of electronic cigarettes or vaping as it is now coming to be known as is constantly growing in popularity. What began as an alternative to traditional cigarettes offering the same taste, sensation and nicotine hit, electronic cigarettes has grown into a movement with trends, festivals and a colourful variety of new brands and products launching regularly.

Whether you have successfully used electronic cigarettes or vaporisers to get over a traditional smoking habit or you enjoy the occasional ‘vape’ without the nicotine there is now a wealth of products and trends for you to indulge in.

In America a whole culture has evolved around the e cig, users customise their e liquid vaporisers with add ons and accessories to echo their own style and compete for the most unique vapouriser. Variations of the personal vaporiser (also known as PV or MOD) can be found with torches, LED screens, variable voltages or even steam punk style bolts and screws. If you really want to see some personalised vaporisers you can head to the annual Vapefest e cig festival, first seen in the USA but now in its 5th year in the UK!

There is evidence online of vapers combining e liquids from their favourite brands to create their own flavours and blends. Here at Health and we stock a growing range of brands and flavours of e liquids for you to choose from all with free delivery and with plenty of great deals and money saving opportunities!

Top Unusual E liquid flavours:

Only use e liquid which is compatible with your vaporiser.