Don’t Lost Grip On Your Independence

Monday, 12 August 2013  |  Paul

Getting old is an inevitable circumstance that we will one day find ourselves in which brings its own complications. Losing grip and mobility in your hands and forearms is a common problem due to Arthritis and general aging which can make daily activities such as making a cup of tea a lot harder than it used to be. At Health and Care we stock a whole range of kitchen ware to assist with these everyday problems including many problems to help with one of Britain’s favourite past times: making tea!

A Kettle Tipper means that you can pour hot water form a tea pot or kettle steadily without needing to life any weight. This is an important piece of kitchen equipment for those that are challenged by weak arms or hands as the kettle imposes a dangerous risk of being burnt if dropped or spilt. We stock a variety of different styles of Kettle Tipper to suit your tastes and needs and they are suitable for most types of teapot or wireless electric kettle.

Once you have your hot water and tea bag in your mug the next step will be to drain and remove the tea bag which can be a lot easier said than done when you have weak hands making it hard to grip a slender tea spoon and effectively strain your tea. A Teal Tool Tea Bag Strainer makes short work of this problem! This little tool helps to eradicate drips on worktops, burnt fingers and the general mess which can come with making tea with low levels of strength and dexterity. To use the Teak Tool just pop a tea bag in the cage, place it in your cup and pour the hot water in; give it a stir and press the plunger to squeeze the bag, releasing all the flavour and excess water. Not only is it safe and easy to use it gets all the flavour out the tea bag to for a good cup of tea.

Now it’s time to drink your tea. A Two Handled China Cup and Saucer is the ideal cup for the tea lover who’s hands are not what they used to be. The cup and saucer have an attractive and traditional floral design ensuring that the cup will blend in with your tea cup collection. It is made from lightweight bone china with two handles making it easy to keep steady while drinking avoiding possible spills and burns.

Ensure you can carry on making your own eta the way you like for years to come with kitchen aids form Health and Care, all available with Free UK Delivery!