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Donjoy Osteoarthritis Knee Braces Video

Thursday, 24 January 2013  |  Naomi

Osteoarthritis or 'OA', also known as degenerative joint disease is the most prevalent type of arthritis. It's characterised by joint pain, swelling and stiffness due to the breakdown and loss of cartilage in the joints over time. Cartilage is the tissue that protects and shields the bones in the joints. When bones begin to rub against each other, the friction damages the tissue and underlying bone and causes the symptoms of swelling and joint pain. While most joints can be affected by OA, it occurs most frequently in the knees, hips and hands. People who have had a previous knee injury to a ligament or the meniscus can be prone to getting knee OA. Knee OA is one of the most common causes of disability worldwide. In its advanced stages people may experience difficulty performing everyday activities and walking.

Some symptoms of knee OA include: Pain during and after activities that worsens towards the end of the day and eventually leads to pain during periods of inactivity or while at rest. Limited range of motion, difficulty moving the knee forward or backward normally. Stiffness, especially in the first hour after rising. Swollen or enlarged knee due to fluid buildup or bone damage. Sensation of grinding and sharp pain when moving the knee. These symptoms can range from minor to severe. While there's no cure for OA it can be treated. In most cases some form of pain reliever or anti-inflammatory drug, physical therapy and knee braces can help reduce symptoms. 

In many cases a knee brace is recommended for joint stabilisation, knee alignment correction and pain relief. If you're suffering from knee OA, Donjoy, a leading global provider of high quality orthopaedic devices has a range of braces and sleeves that can help support your knee, relieve your symptoms and slow the degenerative process.

Many of Donjoy's OA knee braces have earned the ease of use commendation by The Arthritis Foundation. The Donjoy OA Defiance is the premier custom OA brace available on the market today. Made from carbon fibre and custom fit, OA Defiance provides the ultimate in pain relief and comfort for patients suffering from moderate to severe OA pain.

The Donjoy OA Adjuster is an off the shelf alternative that properly aligns the joint, relieves pain and is clinically proven to effectively redistribute weight across the knee. OA Full Force is Donjoy's lightest OA knee brace that offloads the affected compartment of the knee, while reducing ligament strain. It allows active patients to go more miles with less pain. The OA Full Force is recommended for patients with mild to moderate OA pain. For mild to moderate OA and ligament instabilities, Donjoy's OA Everyday is easy to apply and ideal for activities of daily living of sedentary patients.

The Donjoy OA Assist Knee Brace is also ideally suited for activities of daily living or sedentary lifestyles. It's single upright design accommodates a wide range of leg shapes and is a great choice for those wanting a lighter and slimmer brace option. The 3DF technology also allows for normal walking motion. There are two versatile hinged knee sleeve options for mild OA. The Donjoy OA Lite Knee Brace is a comfortable option for those with mild OA who need support while performing daily activities. It's easy to apply and can be worn under clothing. Reaction is Donjoy's latest solution to address mild OA pain. It's a responsive webbed approach to anterior knee pain that delivers a distinct alternative to the basic knee sleeve. Try one of these Donjoy's Osteoarthritis Knee Braces.