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Donjoy Lateral J Knee Support Brace Video

Thursday, 10 January 2013  |  Paul

If you're suffering from knee pain due to lateral patella dislocations or improper patella tracking, the Donjoy Lateral J Knee Brace can help.

The advanced design of the Donjoy Lateral J offers several advantages over a basic knee sleeve.The soft tubular J shaped buttress lies against the patella while the lateral to medial strapping helps hold the J buttress along the side of the knee for additional stabilisation and proper patella tracking.

The Drytex material is flexible and comfortable for everyday use.

The Donjoy Lateral J is available with or without hinges. The hinged version is ideal for those with both knee ligament instabilities and patella tracking issues.

The Donjoy Lateral J Brace provides enhanced knee stability so you can get back into action confidently and comfortably. It can be worn at home, at work or during sports and is available in left or right versions.