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Donjoy Armor Knee Brace with Fourcepoint Video

Thursday, 24 January 2013  |  Paul

If you're an athlete participating in extreme or contact sports, or a very active person with moderate to severe ligament instabilities, or are recovering from ligament reconstruction, you need a knee brace that can protect and stabilise your ligaments and endure your toughest workouts, the Donjoy Armor Fourcepoint Knee Brace is for you.

Donjoy's Armor Fourcepoint is different from other off the shelf knee braces. It's made of aircraft aluminium so it's super strong and lightweight. The clinically proven Fourcepoint hinge reduces the amount of time your knee is in the at risk position, which lowers the risk of tearing or re-tearing your ACL. The 4 points of leverage system significantly reduces the strain on your ACL when running, jumping or cutting. The swivelling strap tabs accommodate leg movement while providing increased comfort. 

Sure the Donjoy Armor Fourcepoint is clinically proven, but performance is important as well. Armor Fourcepoint is the strongest and most supportive off the shelf knee brace on the market. Used by high school, collegiate and professional football teams, as well as Olympic ski and snowboard teams, Donjoy's Armor Fourcepoint Knee Ligament Brace is now available to you.