Do you ever find yourself saying, 選 think I知 going mental? If so, I doubt you池e alone.

Saturday, 15 June 2013  |  Paul

As we’re all so very aware, today’s modern world is a crazy, hectic place with so many distractions and obligations and not enough time to meet them all. And we know this is stressing us to the point of tearing our hair out – in much the same way as my colleague Anna’s picture quiz is doing right now – give it a go.
We all know what we like to do to relax but do we really know how to relax properly and if what we’re doing is even relaxing us at all?

For example, I recently read that a quiet evening in front of the telly - though a common way to unwind at the end of the day - can actually have totally the opposite effect depending on what you’re watching, increasing the heart rate, blink rate and stressing you out even further ensuring you get a bad night’s sleep. I can attest to this being a factually proven fact as I do not watch much telly at all and am virtually stress-free!

I think the best cure for stress is doing something, anything productive – which also makes sense since everyone these days is lazy and what do you know, stress levels are the highest ever! Personally I find sketching, motorcycling out to the country or furthering an idea very rewarding and contributory to a sound state of mind.

So forget that yoga class tonight, being surrounded by those free-loving irritating bearded types. And instead go and buy some plain flour, some milk, butter and cauliflower, figure out what to do with it all and be amazed that you just made cauliflower cheese from scratch.