Defeat Discomfort with the Dynaspine!

Saturday, 24 January 2015  |  Sophie

Back pain is a common problem that can make every day routine a painful chore. From getting out of bed to doing household tasks, back ache can be a burden which affects you mentally, as well as physically. The constant feeling of back pain can be exhausting and the discomfort can affect a person’s mood, sleep and appetite. Most people will experience back pain at some point in their life, which can be triggered by a number of causes including; lifting heavy items incorrectly, turning awkwardly or sitting for a prolonged period in a slouched position. Whether you are driving for lengthy periods or sitting at your desk from 9 – 5, it is easy to neglect your back and sit in a position that can place pressure on your spinal joints and discs, resulting in back pain. So this year, why not make it your resolution to care for your back with the Dynaspine Portable Back Support for Seats?

What Is The Dynaspine Portable Back Support for Seats?

Introducing the Dynaspine Portable Back Support for Seats, the advanced back support that helps to prevent back pain caused by sitting for long periods or poor posture. The Dynaspine Back Support supports your spine and the joints around it whilst you are seated to promote a healthy posture. The shape of the Dynaspine provides the user with maximum spinal support without restricting movement and airflow. The Dynaspine Portable Back Support has a unique design in the form of two flexible panels, which imitates the shape of your spine, and helps to keep your back active thereby keeping your back muscles strong.

How Do I Use the Dynaspine Portable Back Support?

The Dynaspine is lightweight and portable meaning that you can conveniently take it anywhere with you whether you are going to work, travelling or from room to room at home. The Dynaspine Portable Back Support for Seats is designed to fit any seat securely – the user simply pulls the elasticated strap over the chair for an immediate, comfortable back support. You can adjust the Dynaspine Back Support to accommodate your height and to ensure that it provides you with the ultimate comfort.

Who Can Use the Dynaspine Portable Back Support for Seats?

Not only does the Dynaspine Portable Back Support for Seats help to prevent lower back pain, if you already have back pain, the Dynaspine can help to ease this ache by providing consistent support and by ensuring that you maintain a good posture. Therefore if you suffer from nerve pains, tension, or muscle aches in your spine or shoulders, the Dynaspine Back Support will be particularly beneficial for you, as these pains and aches are often worsened by sitting.

The Dynaspine is available in Black, Beige, Grey and Orange and comes with a carry case so that you can conveniently take your Dynaspine Back Support with you anywhere. If you are interested in the Dynaspine Portable Back Support, you can find it on Health and Care with fast and free UK delivery!