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Thursday, 6 June 2013  |  Paul

This weekend, I’m moving house from the busy hustle and bustle in East London to a slightly quieter and residential life in the North.  As in my previous blog post on the advantages of walking, you may have discovered that I like the thought of doing exercising a whole lot more than I actually enjoy the process.  But with my previous housemate showing me up with running the London Marathon AND completing a tough mudder, I am not so much as taking inspiration her from as opposed to being shamed into exercise.  My stingy ways mean that I am highly opposed to joining a gym as they are just way too much money for me.  I don’t think a reasonably priced gym exists.  Thankfully, my new flat is in a building which has its very own gym!  Well a room with a few treadmills and cross trainers, but hey it’s free, and so I will be much more encouraged to get down and do a short run before I settle down in front of the TV for the night.

What’s more, I am looking forward to exploring my new hood.  Hampstead heath and Highgate woods are just a few tube stops away so I can go gallivanting in the hills and pretend I live somewhere other than the busy and bustling capital.  It’s these outdoor spaces which are precious in London and some of the places I enjoy the most.  In another bid to do have an active day out, last bank holiday weekend I rented a bike and cycled along the river Thames from Richmond to Hampton Court.  I had such a nice time, I’m seriously considering investing in a bicycle, although I will probably be restricted to cycling on the weekends and sticking to the cycle paths as I am too scared to tackle the busy London traffic.  When investigating the Thames cycle route, I came across the Sustrans maps of cycle routes all over the country.  There’s one which connects London, along the route I took, all the way to North Wales! It’s pretty much all cycle paths and was described as a long distance route.  I couldn’t quite get my head around how people can cycle this far, as my short trip took an hour each way.  Another example of these high achieving sporting types.  I am not inspired! I am ashamed! I need to do more exercise! And so my quest to be active continues….