Crutch Tricks - Don't Try This At Home

Friday, 24 May 2013  |  Paul

Crutch Tricks - Tricks You Can Do On Crutches

Music videos are not the first place you would think of learning some crutch tricks, but RJD2's We Can Work It Out video has some pretty slick moves performed by Bill Shannon. If you, like us, thought that crutches were built purely for recovery from injury, Bill proves us all wrong. 

Bill has taken crutch tricks to a new level. Whoever thought that crutches were an impediment to free movement should think again. Take a look for yourself:

Although most people using our crutches are not quite as mobile as Bill, we have a huge range that can help you recover from injury or operation and get back on your feet unassisted. Take a look at our full range of crutches here:

Coopers Elbow Crutches with Comfy Handle

Crutches - Full Range

If you want to see more Bill Shannon antics, check this out. But don't try this at home!