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CompresSport: Squeezing The Best Out Of You

Friday, 7 August 2015  |  John

CompresSport specialise in making compression sleeves for athletes; they started back in 2008 with the R2 calf sleeves and have worked tirelessly since then to develop and provide the best compression equipment possible.

Made in Europe

Every CompresSport is made in Europe, from the research and development all the way down to the sourcing of the fibres. This dedication to locally produced products helps grow jobs across the continent; even the machines they use are made in Europe. 

With their dedication to being local and their pride in being 100% Swiss, it’s no surprise that they make some of the post precise and accurate sports compression sleeves available today.

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The Most Precise

CompresSport uses the Salzmann group in Switzerland to measure and validate their compression classes on every product they make. This is internationally recognised as being the world leader and the world’s most accurate group for measuring compression. This is a shining example of CompresSport’s dedication to their craft and the precision of their work.

The Best Testing in the Worst Parts of the World

When testing their products, they want to know that they will perform as well on the track as they will in the Sahara Desert, so that’s where the test them. And in Abu Dhabi. And up and down Mont Blanc. This range of different environments provides you with the security of knowing that no matter where you go, your compression garments are going to perform admirably.

CompresSports goes to such extreme parts of the world to test their equipment because that’s where the most extreme races are and they want to know that their gear is up for it, so that you can be as well.

A Modern Approach

CompresSport comes from a medical research background but brings to that something many other companies lack: a heart. A runner’s heart, to be precise. By tapping into the latest trends among runners, they can better understand what professional runners need to be better than their best.

This understanding, combined with a deep knowledge of the morphology of athletes and the awareness of the physiology of the human body means that they can deliver what the modern runner needs and has wanted for a long time.

Go Long

Every CompresSport product is made to be as (literally) seamless as possible. By doing so, they can help extend the lifetime of their product so that you get the best value for money. The precise measurement of the compression also comes into play here too, because it’s not just at the end of the product’s creation that it’s tested.

By testing the compression throughout production they can ensure that each and every compression sleeve lasts for as long as you need it.

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