Commitment to Fitness for Summer 2014.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014  |  James

Commitment to Fitness for Summer 2014.

After the long indulgent Easter weekend, now is the perfect time to commit to getting into shape for summer 2014.

Here at Health and Care with have a wide range of fitness products to help you achieve the beach body that you have always wanted!

Triggerpoint The Grid Foam Roller is the ideal product to sculpt your abs and develop some real core strength. Whether you are looking for aesthetic gains or just to improve your core strength this is the product for you. As The Grid Foam Roller is also extremely portable, there really are no excuses for you to not incorporate this product into your daily workout routine.

The Grid Foam Roller is already used by a wide range of professional athletes and yoga enthusiasts due to the huge variety of exercises you are able to do on the The Grid Foam Roller.

The beauty of the The Grid Foam Roller is that while delivering a comprehensive core workout, it also gives a soft tissue massage as a result of the revolutionary Matrix and Distrodensity Zones.

It is also now available in a range of exciting colours including Pink and Camouflage.

If much like me you are clueless when it comes to workout routines, fear no more as at Health and Care we have a range of exercise DVDs to use with your new Grid Foam Roller.

The Triggerpoint SMRT CORE DVD series has three DVDs to use as your core strength progresses. By using the classes on the DVDs you are able to gain maximum value from your Grid Foam Roller workout. As the DVDs are highly focused on improving your core strength, you know that you will get the most tailored Grid Foam roller workout possible.

Furthermore if you are working out alone, you get the add motivation of a trained instructor in the comfort of your own home.

The Triggerpoint SMRT CORE DVD series comes in levels 1-3 and if bought all together you can make a considerable saving.

After a taxing workout there is nothing better than a relaxing massage. The Triggerpoint Massage Ball is the perfect tonic to all your aches and pains. Thanks to the small and easy to manoeuvre design, the Triggerpoint Massage Ball is incredibly handy when attempting to massage those difficult to reach places.

You can now purchase the Trigger point Grid Foam Roller together with 2 Triggerpoint Massage Balls as an excellent starter kit for your core workout routine.