Choosing the right Walking Stick for you

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If you are looking to buy a walking stick you may be surprised by the incredible range that is available. Although walking sticks and canes may seem to be a very simple accessory, there is a huge variety of colours, lengths and styles on the market. Whether you are short or tall or just looking for a cane to match a particular outfit we will help you decide which one is right for you.

When choosing your walking stick, first decide which type of handle you would like. One of the most popular handle types is the Derby handle, invented by Lord Derby. The idea for the handle came from Lord Derby requiring a practical walking stick that he could hook over his arm. The Derby handle offers excellent support as the user’s weight is carried directly over the shaft of the walking stick.

The Fischer handle is ideal for people who suffer from hand problems such as arthritis and rheumatism. This comfortable handle is named after Dr Fischer, an Austrian arthritis specialist who invented this type of handle. A Fischer handle orthopaedic walking stick will suit hands of many shapes and sizes and is available in left or right handed models. There are many more styles of walking stick handles available, all with different shapes and uses to choose from.

Most canes on the market will be height adjustable walking  sticks. This is incredibly useful is you are short or tall, or find that you prefer your walking stick a particular length. Orthopaedic walking sticks are a very popular range as they address specific conditions such as arthritis, joint problems, visual impairment and rheumatism. Shock Absorber walking sticks contain a spring mechanism near the bottom of the cane. This spring reduces jarring each time the stick makes contact with the ground. A Shock Absorber cane is beneficial to those suffering from wrist or elbow problems.

The practicality of a walking stick can be very important and if you travel frequently a folding cane is the ideal choice. Available in all handle types and colours, these canes can be folded away when not in use such as in a car or aeroplane. Folding walking sticks can also be height adjustable making them extremely versatile.

If you do not see yourself using a traditional brown or black walking stick, there are hundreds of beautifully patterned and coloured canes available. Whether it is a subtly coloured handle or a full floral pattern there is a walking stick to suit your every mood. Floral canes with petite handles make the perfect gift for a little lady. Many women have small hands and find it difficult to hold a standard handle.

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