Choosing gloves for Healthcare use

Thursday, 9 May 2013  |  Paul

I have added a load of healthcare gloves to the site in the last few months but I have never understood the difference between latex, nitrile or vinyl. That was until I was provided with the following table which you all may find useful in choosing the right kind of glove…


Barrier Protection

Strength & Durability

Puncture Resistance

Fit & Comfort


Allergy Issues


Long standing barrier qualities

Strong, natural rubber is durable

Has Re-seal qualities

Provides comfortable fit

Natural ability due to elastic quality rubber

Contains protein & chemical allergens low powder is preferred


Resistant to punctures & tears, flexes & does not develop holes

Strong has puncture resistant qualities

Has puncture resistant qualities

Slightly tighter fit

Less than latex over time. Over time tends to shape to wearers hand

Contains no proteins but contains some accelerator chemicals


Easily breaks during use. Baggy

Weak, breaks easily & punctures easily in use

Punctures with sharps

Fit limited. Baggy

Dexterity compromised

Contains no proteins but chemical accelerators