Chemodol Massage Oil

Thursday, 6 November 2014  |  Paul

Chemodol Massage Oil is a great all round massage oil and body oil which is a favourite with sports professionals and physiotherapists alike. Massage oils and body oils are great for use during sports massage and other physiotherapy techniques to improve both the comfort and effectiveness of the treatment.

Chemodol has been designed to improve contact with the skin during massage and is a mild indifferent massage lotion with high oil content and excellent absorption properties. Users have commented that it has a pleasant, neutral and subtle smell similar to baby lotion which helps to make it easy for use on any patient. Chemodol is a very easy to use product which is a cross between a lotion and oil in one.

Chemodol is suitable for every kind of skin and is also easily removable with water which makes clean up after treatment quick and easy. Chemodol also creates an optimal surface to work on the skin with as it does not soak in too quickly and never feels sticky.

Stock up on physiotherapy equipment for your physiotherapy clinic or for use at home with Health and Care. We sell Chemodol oil in a 500ml bottle for £19.99 or a large 5 litre bottle for £76.99 both with free delivery included.