Celebrity Doctors

Friday, 25 October 2013  |  Paul

No, this isn’t a fan blog about Dr Who. It’s about the trendfeaturing doctors who have evolved into presenters and even have their ownshows.

As far as I’m concerned it all started with good old DrHilary on GMTV (…Not sure if he goes as far back as TV AM??). I quite likedhim, came across as very approachable and trustworthy so he did. People lovefinding a way out of visiting their GP so calling into a national TV show toask about a bowel problem was ideal.

Moving on to Dr Chris from This Morning, the DanielO’Donnell of the chronically ill and infirm, he has so many people eatingstraight out of his palm and any product endorsements he makes will guaranteethat the sales of said product will hit the roof!!

Most recently we have Dr Christian who takes what theprevious two were doing to the mainstream market. Most people question whypeople would want to parade their mouldy, festering genitals for the wholecountry to see. Just visit your own doctor instead because the end result isalways the same on Embarrassing Bodies…they get passed on to a specialist. Saveyourself the humiliation.

There is a new celebrity doctor on the scene, so new that Idon’t even know his name yet. He’ll be everywhere within the next few months,just you watch!