Friday, 3 May 2013  |  Paul

If you’re as avid a viewer of Casualty as I am, you’ll probably be as terrified as I am about ever having to go into hospital. They are forever screwing things up and being all indecisive with people’s lives it seems. One can only hope they are all as level-headed and calm under pressure as Mr Spence in reality. What a guy.

Who doesn’t admire doctors though for the work they do? I can’t say I’ve ever fancied it myself though - too many weak and diseased people for my liking. The closest I’ve ever got (and I suspect this is the case for most) is a game of ‘operation’. Such fun.

But what if you fancy something a bit more realistic to practice your surgery skills on? After all ‘Operation’ is a 3+ game. How about an adult version, such as the Intramuscular Injection Trainer? Some of our injection trainers are lifelike with realistic to the touch skin. They even have veins that wiggle about making it hard to get a needle in and that make a satisfying ‘pop’ once you do get it in right!

I think the Casualty crew could certainly use some of the training mannequins we have..