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Caring for Your Loved Ones At Home – The Best Dementia Products from Health and Care

Tuesday, 6 March 2012  |  Paul

More and more of us are finding that we are caring for our loved ones suffering from Dementia in the home. Whether it is directly or indirectly, Dementia affects so many of us and there are products available that can make the situation that little bit easier.

Many of the Dementia products that are available from Health and Care are not available on the high street and have been specifically designed for patients with Dementia. Problems including wandering in the home, falling out of bed and memory loss can be helped by a few simple products.

The Wireless Care Alarm Kit with Bed Leaving Sensor Mat is a full, cost effective system designed to alert the carer when the patient gets out of bed. This Bed Occupancy Alarm includes a sensor mat, pager and transmitter. The bed leaving sensor mat can be placed in the bed so that when the patient gets out of bed, the carer is alerted by the pager. Alternatively, the sensor mat can be placed at the side of the bed so that when the carer steps onto the mat, the carer is alerted. This is done by a switch on the transmitter which can be changed from ‘pressure on’ to ‘pressure off’ and vice versa.

For patients with memory problems caused by Dementia, even the simplest of tasks can become an upsetting and traumatic experience. Personal care such as getting dressed in the morning becomes impossible for some patients. Dementia Furniture has been designed specifically for patients with memory loss. The Dementia Furniture range looks like most of other pieces of furniture but with one major difference. The Chest of Drawers for example, instead of having closed drawers where you cannot see what is inside, the Dementia Chest of Drawers come with a cut away so the patient can see what is inside without having to open the drawer.

The aim for the Dementia Furniture range is that clothes can identified and recognised without the need to open the drawer or cupboard. People with dementia are able to identify items of clothing easily and instantly by sight rather than having to rely on memory. This makes getting dressed a far less frustrating and confusing exercise for the Dementia patient and enables dementia sufferers to find items of clothing themselves, handing back their independence.

Another effect of memory loss in a Dementia patient is the difficulty using items around the home. Kitchen utensils and electronics may appear to be extremely difficult to use to the Dementia patient. The telephone is a lifeline for so many people and if they are unable to remember a number or locate a phonebook it can become something that they become afraid of.

The Geemarc Photophone is a very simple idea but it is incredibly useful for those suffering from Dementia. The Geemarc Photo Phone uses pre-programmed buttons and colourful photo frames to store favourite pictures for easy recollection of faces and easy dialling access. Once the numbers are stored on the phone simply press the button with the person's face who you want to call and the phone will automatically dial the number. And as people lose their hearing when they get older, this phone is also amplified to be louder that a normal phone.

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