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Captain Caption - Week 8

9 CommentsThursday, 21 February 2013  |  Captain Caption

First an apology. After enjoying the effects of a new barrel of rum discovered in his ship, Captain Caption is surprisingly only 4 days late with his caption competition! The prize this week is a £25 Health and Voucher and to be in with a chance of winning you have to enter! You can enter the competition for the photo below by tweeting, commenting on our Facebook page or commenting below with your caption. The winner will receive a £25 Voucher and will be announced by 17:30 on Thursday 28th February.


Last Week's Caption Competition Winner! 




"Janice had exactly what Clive wanted; her banana suntan lotion."

Well done John! Your voucher is on its way!  

Second Place 


"The Readers Digest finally admit that they knew where Lord Lucan was in 1981." 

Third Place 


"Monica could not complain,the advert clearly said "World cruise for swingers."


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Clay Anderson.
Monday, 25 February 2013  |  14:14

Best paw you"ve had all day........raise him.

Ian McLaren
Monday, 25 February 2013  |  15:19

Kangaroo courting.

Connie Hattam
Tuesday, 26 February 2013  |  10:42

Ha Ha rock beats your paper

Steve Pelczyl
Friday, 7 August 2015  |  13:11

Hi Connie, if you are the Connie Champion.that went to Laira Green in the early 60's please send a friend request on Facebook to either myself or Ann Hazzard (Truro). There are many old friends from LG who would like to make contact again...
If you are not the Connie I am looking fo , please ignore this message and my apologies are sent instead.

Connie Hattam
Tuesday, 26 February 2013  |  10:51

Shhh! nosey's looking again

Justice Clarke
Tuesday, 26 February 2013  |  12:44

Oh I like the colour. It's so roo!

Ian McLaren
Wednesday, 27 February 2013  |  10:43

Paws for thought.

Thursday, 28 February 2013  |  13:28

I knew I shouldn't have eaten that hallucinogenic shrub; my arm looks really far away and I could swear that there's a manatee sitting behind us.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013  |  11:13

"Mate, when Rolf Harris was singing that song about tying us lot down, I thought he was joking around!!"