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Captain Caption - Week 18

21 CommentsFriday, 12 July 2013  |  Captain Caption

It's Captain Caption here with today's caption competition!The prize is a £25 Health and Voucher and to be in with a chance of winning you have to enter! You can enter the competition for the photo below by tweeting, commenting on our Facebook page or commenting below with your caption. The winner will receive a £25 Voucher and will be announced by 17:30 on Friday 26th July.


Last Week's Caption Competition Winner! 

"Stand still Mary, you've got a bee on your bonnet"

Well done Paul! Your voucher is on its way!

Second Place 

Both players have schizophrenic hallucinations, and are beating each other at imaginary tennis!

Mrs B Winterbottom

Third Place 

are you sure!! you should have gone to spec savers.!

John Todd

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Mr P
Monday, 15 July 2013  |  11:11

Tell me, exactly when did you start believing you were a bear?

Mrs Mary Lewis
Monday, 15 July 2013  |  11:36

You do smell nice, and I'm not really stuffed

Janet Hooper
Monday, 15 July 2013  |  11:54

Is this what they mean by 'Bear with me'?

Margaret Smith
Monday, 15 July 2013  |  18:39

Now, you want to know the bear facts do you?

Tuesday, 16 July 2013  |  15:05

'The Jungle Book Part 2: The Accountancy Years' wasn't nearly as successful as the original.

Amanda Harris
Wednesday, 17 July 2013  |  6:13

Don't you find wearing a stuffy suit in this muggy weather unbearable!

Phil B
Wednesday, 17 July 2013  |  7:54

I've told you before "That's my chair".

Belinda Swan
Wednesday, 17 July 2013  |  10:24

"I am NOT reading you Goldilocks and the Three Bears again!"

Frances Shepheard
Wednesday, 17 July 2013  |  10:49

This chair gives my back no support at all

Paula Shaw
Wednesday, 17 July 2013  |  12:07

bear with me

Jane Rubin
Wednesday, 17 July 2013  |  15:41

"You know I love you dearly - but NO, you cannot sit on my lap!"

Barry Rubin
Wednesday, 17 July 2013  |  16:15

"You understand, don't you? My father is NOT Basil Brush!!!!"

Tim Codd
Wednesday, 17 July 2013  |  20:48

You want me to explain why I want to go to the woods. Really?

Mr a Weaver
Thursday, 18 July 2013  |  10:25

So the Conservative Party has finally come up with a candidate that they can TRUST for their next leader! Even if it is a bear!

Mrs B Winterbottom
Thursday, 18 July 2013  |  10:45

So you you're working as an undercover spy, and you've infiltrated the government!

Sally Rush
Saturday, 20 July 2013  |  11:09

I´m sure you´re very nice but I barely know you!!

John Todd
Saturday, 20 July 2013  |  23:12

Honey! your looking a bit Grizzley tonight..

Ian McLaren
Monday, 22 July 2013  |  14:44

My dear Watson I am beginning to find your attitude unbearable.

Janice Longleat.
Tuesday, 23 July 2013  |  18:37

I've forgotten my overcoat but I've just had a brilliant idea...........

Ian McLaren.
Tuesday, 23 July 2013  |  18:59

Good disguise Dr Watson but it will not fool the Hound of the Baskervilles.

Janice Long
Friday, 26 July 2013  |  10:09

The escort agency misunderstood me when I requested a tall brunette, wearing only a fur coat and bare underneath!