Broken A Bone? Help is at Hand!

Wednesday, 5 December 2012  |  Paul

Despite a childhood spent recklessly climbing trees, rollerskating and trying out all sorts of stunts on the climbing frame, I somehow managed to make it through school without ever breaking a bone. I sprained my ankle once, but luckily I was so young that this simply meant sitting at home with my feet up whilst my Mum brought me an endless supply of biscuits and magazines, so obviously I thought this was great.

Not only did I make it through school, I also made it through my wild teens and early twenties unscathed. I guess it must’ve just been luck, but I thought I was literally unbreakable.

Until two months ago that is, when I broke my hand. At home. Putting a shoebox in the wardrobe.

I have stood on a chair many times in my life and would not consider it to be one of the most dangerous activities I partake in. However, on this occasion, my trusty Swedish folding chair decided to fold with me on it. Cue an awkward fall and a late night trip to A&E.

On being told I had severe spiral fractures to my 3rd and 4th metacarpals my immediate thoughts were denial. It can’t be that bad. I’ll be fine tomorrow. So imagine my horror when, there and then, I had a plaster cast put on up to my elbow and was told “You’ll have this for 6-8 weeks - DO NOT GET IT WET!”

Had I not had the experience of working at Health and Care I may well have had my first panic attack on the spot. “How am I going to have a shower?!” There were other problems to be considered - like the fact that I also wouldn’t be able to write, type or do much else for that matter – but for now this was my main concern.

Luckily for me I knew about the Limbo Plaster Cast Protector. After an unsuccessful bathing attempt with an elastic band and a bin bag (abandoned due to sheer fear of getting my cast wet – which would mean another 7 hours in A&E) - my Limbo was with me. It slipped over my cast easily and the rubber wetsuit-style seal felt snug, but not uncomfortable, around my upper arm.  I proceeded to shower with ease and was literally thrilled with how well it worked.

After mastering showering with my arm in plaster I had just one other necessity to take care of– eating! This was obvious – it could only be The Knork. This nifty knife and fork in one allowed me to get back to my famous ‘wolfing’ speed in no time. It works so well in fact that, were it not for good table manners, I don’t think I’d ever need to use a knife again!

So if you or someone you know breaks a bone, and it does happen, then please don’t panic – we can help make it that little bit easier.