Breathe Easy With the PureAire Air Revitaliser

Saturday, 20 December 2014  |  Sophie

With all the pollution and dust inhaled on a daily basis during your commute to work, there is nothing better than knowing that once you are at home or work, you are breathing in fresh and clean air. However, during winter, it can be hard to get that breath of fresh air at home since it is too cold to open the window. Or if you live near a busy main road, opening the window may not be the ideal option due to the car fumes from the traffic outside. This is why I recommend PureAire air revitalisers to provide a clean and healthy living environment in your home.

How Does the PureAire Air Revitaliser Work?

The PureAire Revitaliser simply uses tap water and anti-bacterial essence oils to cleanse the air from bacteria and odour, providing your home with fresh and clean air. The air is effectively being washed by the PureAire Revitaliser ensuring that you are inhaling healthy, safe and revitalising air. The polluted air is drawn into the Revitaliser and cleansed using hydro-purification technology. Once treated with Aroma Essence, the Air Revitaliser releases the refreshed air at a rotation rate of 3000 rpm. The Air Revitaliser has low electricity consumption, and only requires 20 watts to operate; therefore you can use the PureAire Revitaliser with a peace of mind.

What Are the Benefits of Using the PureAire Air Revitaliser?

Not only does the PureAire Revitaliser remove your typical household odours that may derive from pets, smoking or cooking, the Revitaliser also humidifies the air in your home, helping to replace moisture that may be lost through central heating or air conditioning. By releasing the scent of Pure Aire Essences, the PureAire Revitaliser also releases a mood-enhancing, aromatic scent into your home helping you relax and unwind. The Pure Aire Essences, which come in a range of pleasing scents, are made from 100% botanical extracts so you can be assured that they are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. The Air Revitaliser is particularly beneficial to those who suffer from asthma. By decreasing the irritable pollutants and particles in the air that may trigger asthma attacks, the PureAire Air Revitaliser helps those with asthma breathe more easily.

Where Can I Buy A PureAire Air Revitaliser?

At Health and Care, we have the PureAire Classic Air Revitaliser and the PureAire LuminAire. The PureAire Classic Air Revitaliser covers an area of up to 70 square metres, whereas the PureAire LuminAire covers an area of up to 800 square feet. Both of these PureAire Air Revitalisers are small and portable, therefore you can move the Air Revitaliser from room-to-room conveniently. You can also find the Pure Aire Essences at Health and Care in a range of therapeutic scents including; Lavender, Eucalyptus and Ylang Ylang.  

So why not rid your home of unwelcome odours and particles today with the PureAire Air Revitaliser? Available from Health and Care with fast and free UK delivery, invigorate your home with the PureAire Air Revitaliser.