Brand New Aids for Daily Living Range from Health and Care

Thursday, 11 March 2010  |  Paul

Health and Care are please to announce the launch of a brand new range of Aids for Daily Living products available to buy now. The Aids for Daily Living range offers thousands of useful products for around the home such as wheelchairs, grab bars, ramps and kitchenware all at great prices.

Most of us know someone who could benefit from a useful product to help them around the house. Whether it is a wheelchair ramp to help them over a door threshold or something as simple as easy grip cutlery Health and Care will have something to suit their needs.

Grab Bars are available to purchase in the Aids for Daily Living category. They are easy to assemble but can dramatically improve a person’s independence around the home. Health and Care have a wide range of grab bars suitable for the bathroom and toilet in different lengths and angles depending on where the grab bar needs to be fitted. The Prima grab bars available from Health and Care are made from tough, high quality plastic. The grab bars have a ribbed finish to make them easy to grip and are non slip even when wet. Grab bars are ideal for making getting in and out the bath easier and provide helpful support when rising or sitting down.

Also within the Aids for Daily Living Category is a range of Moving and Handling products designed for people who are being cared for in the home. Items such as anti-slip pads, transfer boards, glide sheets and patient handling belts make caring for a friend or relative safer and more manageable.  

For getting around the home, Health and Care are pleased to offer a range of walkers and walking frames and trolleys. The walker trolleys are ideal for providing extra support for people who wish to carry food and drink and other items around the home and require a bit more stability. The Walking Frames available in the Aids for Daily Living category come in a range of designs and sizes. Many of the indoor walking frames can be adjusted in height and also come with the option of removable tray to carry items such as food, drink and medication.

All of the items in Health and Care’s Aids for Daily Living Range are available to view and purchase now online at Buy everything from Walking Sticks, Dressing Aids, Medication Aids and Footwear.