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Beat The Smoking Ban With Electronic Cigarettes

Tuesday, 2 December 2008  |  Paul

Electronic Cigarettes Are Taking The Country By Storm and Saving Smokers Hundreds of Pounds Every Year.

The smoking ban came into force in the UK on the 1st July 2007. Since then, smokers have been seen huddling outside restaurants, bars and clubs, often in the wind and rain away from their family and friends back inside. There is a serious alternative that smokers all over the UK and worldwide are turning to as a replacement for traditional cigarettes - the electronic cigarette.

Elecrtonic cigarettes are the perfect Christmas gift and a Christmas present like this is ideal for the person who has everything. Electronic cigarettes are not only a great Christmas gift, but are perfect for those looking ahead to their New Year’s Resolutions.

Many people are trying to give up smoking and turn to the electronic cigarette as a serious alternative. Electronic cigarettes, such as the Gamucci Micro and Gamucci Classic that Health and Care stock, are not only excluded from the ban on smoking inside public places, but also offer an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes, such as the Gamucci Micro, feel and taste just like the real thing, but contain no cancer causing agents and do not emit tobacco smoke, making sure that friends and family don't inhale smoke passively.

The electronic cigarettes come with nicotine cartridges that are turned into vapour in the vaporisation chamber within the electronic cigarette, so it actually looks as if you are exhaling real smoke. Even the tip of the electronic cigarette glows when you inhale, just like a normal cigarette.

Electronic cigarettes have many benefits. First, electronic cigarettes (or e cigarettes) contain no cancer causing agents but still provide you with nicotine, taking the edge off any craving. Secondly, the cost of 'smoking' an electronic cigarette is far cheaper than smoking traditional cigarettes, and 'smokers' of the electronic cigarette can save up to 80% on their normal smoking costs, helping to save money.

The Gamucci Micro and Gamucci Classic electronic cigarette starter kits that Health and Care stock come in a very stylish black and silver gift box/case and come complete with two batteries (one can be used while the other is on charge), a charger, a carry bag and 5 cartridges, each with the equivalent capacity of 12-15 traditional cigarettes.

The Gamucci Micro full starter kits and Gamucci Classic full starter kits are available from Health and Care, and make the perfect Christmas gift. They are ideal for those looking to stop smoking traditional cigarettes and would be a great purchase for those thinking ahead to their New Year’s resolutions.