Blazewear Heated Clothing New to Health and Care

1 CommentTuesday, 9 November 2010  |  Paul

Health and Care are pleased to announce a new range of heated clothing to help you stay warm through the cold winter months. The range of Blazewear Heated Clothing includes heated gloves, heated jackets, heated insoles and heated scarfs. Included in the range of Blazewear Heated Clothing are heated wraps which have been designed to target a specific area of the body. These include a heated leg warmer and a heated back warmer.

The most sought after heated items in the Blazewear Heated Clothing range are the Blazewear Heated Gloves. These heated gloves act as a personal central heating system for the hands and are ideal for keeping the hands warm on chilly days. These heated gloves work with standard AA batteries which are stored in a secure pocket on the wrist to keep them dry and away from the skin. The Blazewear Heated Gloves also have an adjustable temperature feature so they can be cooled down or heated up depending on how cold the hands are. With these warming gloves from Blazewear cold hands and fingers need never be a problem again.

Along with hands it is the feet that tend to feel the cold the most when out and about braving the elements. Blazewear Heated Insoles are the answer to this problem and help to keep your feet warm on those freezing winter days. The Blazewear Heated Boot and Shoe Insoles start to heat from the front keeping the toes warm and gradually heated the rest of the foot. These warming insoles are battery powered and come with an on/off switch which allows the insoles to be turned off once the feet are warm. Every pair of Blazewear Heated Insoles is supplied with a pair of black thermal socks.

For ultimate warmth and comfort for those particularly cold days are the Blazewear Heated Coats and Blazewear Heated Jackets. The Blazewear Heated Coat is available for both men and women and looks like a normal winter jacket but with a battery powered heating mechanism to keep the body warm. This warming jacket comes with a thick fleece lining and is also PU Coated with Taslan Nylon making the heated coat both tough and waterproof. The Blazewear Heated Coat comes with five different heat settings, elasticated inner cuffs and an adjustable waist.

The Blazewear Heated Coat is ideal for those dark winter days as it includes high visibility stripes to the front and the back and also a removable fleece lined hood. This heated coat allows the wearer to stay warm without the need to layer with bulky clothes. The Blazewear Heated Coat also comes with a rechargeable battery and charger so it can always be charged and ready to go.

The Blazewear Deluxe Heated Jacket is the most luxurious item in the Blazewear Heated Clothing Range. This heated jacket comes with check cotton lining and is made using soft brushed polyester exterior. This warming jacket also comes with an on/off switch which allows the heat to be turned off if it is too warm. The Blazewear Deluxe Heated Jacket is available in sizes from Small to Extra Extra Large.