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Aircast AirSport Ankle Brace

Ten Reasons Why You Should Use a Bidet Instead of a Conventional Toilet

Tuesday, 26 September 2017  |  Paul

Despite their popularity in Asia and parts of Europe, the humble bidet hasn't taken off in the UK. While they were once popular in the 1980s, the majority of the population now use a regular toilet.

But even with a little research, you'll find out just how many pluses there are for using the bidet instead of a conventional toilet. Read this blog to find out what we think are the top ten benefits to using a bidet.

1. More Hygienic

It just makes sense; if we were to step into dog faeces with our bare feet, we wouldn't simply wipe it off with a bit of paper, would we? So why would we do the equivalent when it comes to our sensitive behinds? Around 95% of people fail to wash their hands long enough to kill off harmful bacteria, so using your hands as minimally as possible while you use the bathroom can help reduce the risk of spreading infectious diseases.

2. Saves Toilet Paper

Although you'll usually have to use a small amount of toilet paper, even so, the bidet will literally pay for itself in the long run. If everyone were to use a bidet instead of a conventional toilet, we'd likely be better off than we were before. That's not even mentioning the dramatic impact this would have on the environment; think of all the trees we could save! 

3. Better for Those with Mobility Issues

If you or one of your loved ones suffer from a disability or injury that prevents them from being able to reach behind them, this can cause hygiene issues further down the line. Bidets practically eliminate the need for hand wiping, which makes them perfect for the elderly and the less mobile.

4. Helps Prevent Clogs

Plugging the toilet with too much toilet paper can cause problems like clogs in your lavatory system. These tend to be fairly costly in repairs, particularly if you have to call a plumber in to sort the problem out. Bidets help reduce the likelihood of your toilet becoming clogged as it almost removes the need for you to use toilet paper.

5. Less Harsh on Damaged Skin

If you frequently suffer from rashes or hemorrhoids, these issues can be exacerbated by harsh toilet paper. Bidets - particularly those that use warm water to rinse your posterior - offer a soothing and pampering alternative. As the jets of water help ensure you're as clean as possible, this can also reduce the risk of your skin becoming damaged or infected in the first place.

6. Reduces Risk of Suffering from an Infection

Suffering from frequent urinary tract infections can be irritating and costly when you often have to use curative care treatments. Bidets help reduce the risk of you getting an infection as they help clean the area and prevent bacteria from entering the urethra.

7. Doesn't Take up Too Much Space

Although in the past bidets were separate units from the toilet, this is now less common. Most bidets can be attached to your conventional toilet and detached when you don't want to use them anymore. This means you don't have to make any extreme changes to your home that could impact your ability to sell the house in the future. 

8. Has Enhanced Controls

Unlike a normal toilet, bidets often have a range of high-tech features. This includes massaging jets; powerful deodorisers; and heated seats. All these features help you remain clean and comfortable throughout use.

9. Provides Improved Comfort

There's nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night to visit the john only to be rudely awakened by the coldness of your toilet seat. Thankfully, some bidets heat up the seat so you remain comfortable throughout use.

10. Saves Water

While the bidet itself uses water, the amount of water it takes to make toilet paper is severely underestimated. Making a roll of toilet paper allegedly uses 37 gallons of water while a typical bidet uses an eighth of a gallon. Although most modern bidets use electricity, the cost of this is minimal even with heavy use.

Been convinced? View our range of bidets here; we assure you that you won't be disappointed! We sell a range of different bidets, from the Bio Bidet Palm TP-200 Portable Travel Bidet to the deluxe Bio Bidet Supreme BB 1000.

If you've got anything to add, leave us a comment below or reach out to us on Facebook and Twitter!

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