Best Knee Ice Pack Wrap under £20

Tuesday, 3 April 2012  |  Paul

When a knee injury occurs the advice is almost always RICE – Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. However having a regular supply of ice on hand is not always an option and not particularly convenient. The Dura Soft Knee Ice Pack Wrap is one of the top ice wraps on the market, designed specifically for knee sprains, strains and bruising. Best of all the Dura Soft Knee Wrap is only £19.99.

The biggest problem with standard ice packs is that they do not keep the whole knee cold. The Dura Soft Knee Wrap has two ice inserts which wrap around the knee ensuring the whole area is kept cold at all times. To prevent the inserts from forming two solid ice blocks they contain individual gel cells that freeze in compartments, keeping the insert mouldable to the contours of the knee.

The Dura Soft Knee Ice Pack Wrap administers cold therapy to the knee joint following injury. Use this knee ice pack wrap to reduce pain and swelling and also for facilitating faster rehabilitation. Even if you are wearing surgical dressings on your knee, the Dura Soft Knee Ice Pack will effectively penetrate the dressing to the keep the knee cool.

Cryotherapy is used to help decrease inflammation, relive pain and relieve spasms. The Dura Soft Knee Ice Pack Wrap provides an easy and effective way to administer cryotherapy for secondary hypoxic injury. The Dura Soft Knee Ice Wrap comes in one universal size which is easily adjusted to fit around the knee securely. This knee ice pack will also fit the left and right leg.

To ensure you have a constant supply of freezing cold ice packs, additional inserts can be purchased for use with the Dura Soft Knee Ice Pack Wrap. The Dura Soft Knee Ice Pack comes with two inserts, one for the front of the knee and one for the back of the knee. With two extra ice inserts you can be wearing the Dura Soft Knee Wrap whilst the additional ice inserts are cooling in the freezer, ready to use for when your knee wrap starts to warm up.

The Dura Soft Knee Ice Pack Wrap is ideal if you have suffered a recent knee injury and require cryotherapy treatment.