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Best Home Remedy for Chest Infection

Friday, 22 May 2020  |  Paul

The congested sinuses, racking coughs and panging headaches that chest infections can bring can really make every day a struggle. What's more, chest infections can often take weeks to lift, and may leave you feeling dirty, sluggish and bruised for many days more. While for serious cases a dose of antibiotics is usually recommended, sometimes our bodies require a more naturalistic remedy.

Best Home Remedy for Chest Infection

Our Bodies Know What They Want

Quite often, people suffering from cold and flu will run themselves hot baths without really knowing why – only that it will make them feel better. There's actually a very natural reason why we are inclined to doing this. Soaking in a hot bath increases your body's temperature and induces a slight fever, which helps to boost your immune system and stop the cold virus in your sinuses reproducing.

In the same way, visits to the seaside will often leave us feeling rejuvenated, and our sinuses grateful for the excursion in the salty air. There's a very natural reason for this, too. The salt-soaked air and water work as natural astringents and as such, work towards drawing out toxins and bacteria.

Salt and Science

Natural salts are fantastic, and they’ve been used for thousands of years for all sorts of useful applications, like curing meats against fungus and bacteria. But natural salts are also beneficial for your body. Let’s take a look at the science behind them.

Osmosis and water solubility work the same way in our body as in a lab test tube. When you introduce very impure water to a solution with pure water, the water seeks equilibrium by moving from the area of greater purity to an area of lesser purity.

Osmosis Diagram

For a real-life example, take a person soaking in a salt bath:

  1. They are surrounded by very impure water, because the water is filled with salt.
  2. Their body is also filled with water, but this water is much purer because there is no salt.
  3. Therefore, the salt water in the bath will pull fluid from the person’s body in order to create an equilibrium.
  4. Any swellings caused by a build-up of fluid will be drained, as the water is drawn through the skin and into the tub.

How Can This Help My Chest Infection?

To reap the benefits of a salty cleanse, you need something that can safely administer clean salt air into your body. That’s where the Cisca Easy Salt Pipe comes in.

Cisca Easy Salt PipeCisca Easy Salt Pipe 2

Using the Cisca Easy Salt Pipe is like breathing in fresh sea air at the beach and it’s incredibly easy to use:

  1. As air flows over the salt crystals in the pipe's filter, it is purified and enriched with microscopic salt particles
  2. Breathing this back in purges your sinuses of excess mucus and congestion
  3. This opens up your nasal passages and airways so you can breathe more freely

What is the Cisca Easy Salt Pipe?

The Cisca Easy Salt Pipe is one of the UK’s number one forms of halotherapy (alternative salt medicine). The Easy Salt Pipe is made almost entirely of plastic, while retaining high durability. A single pipe contains 15g of Halite salt. This will last for up to six months of daily use without ever the need of a refill. The pipe’s size and quality make it perfect for those who are constantly travelling as it is incredibly lightweight and easy to fit into most bags.

What is Halite Salt?

Originally created in Hungary, the Cisca Salt Pipe was invented to deliver salt therapy in a portable and accessible form. Each individual pipe filter contains 15 grams of Halite salt crystals. These are incredibly pure, having been formed in Hungarian caves around 20 million years ago!

Cisca Easy Salt Pipe and Chest Infection

Using the Cisca Easy Salt Pipe at least once a day will provide your body with the soothing cleanse it needs to fight off chest infections. Not only will the natural salt air open your airways, but it will encourage the expulsion of mucus and bacteria sitting in your chest. In fact, the Cisca Easy Salt Pipe is often recommended for diseases that affect excessive mucus production, such as cystic fibrosis.

Why Stop At a Chest Infection?

You can benefit from the Cisca Salt Pipe even if you don't experience any breathing trouble! The pipe has been found to significantly improve overall wellbeing after just 15 minutes of use a day. The Hungarian Halite crystals are imbued with detoxifying properties, which aid in the natural absorption of oxygen.

Other Products For Your Health

For more helpful information and products for chest infections, please check out our Nasal and Sinus category.

Have you tried the Cisca Salt Pipe? How did you find it? Let us know in the comments below or get in touch via Twitter or Facebook!

Tags: General Health, Airway Clearance, Nasal and Sinus