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Monday, 17 September 2018

In this day and age everyone is well aware of how important regular physical activity is, and you, as many others, probably have your own workout of choice that helps you stay in shape and enjoy yourself while doing it. Running, cycling, weightlifting, Pilates, yoga, or any other of the endless forms of exercise you can try out, all have one thing in common: sore muscles.

Foam rolling is becoming increasingly popular among professional and recreational athletes as a simple, affordable and effective way to increase your flexibility and performance. These exercises combine the effects of massages with a soothing pain, aiming at quick and complete regeneration of your muscles. We've made a list of five body parts that are known to cause the most problems, and matched them with some of the most popular foam rollers currently on the market.

Middle and Lower Back with the Grooved Roller

Middle and Lower Back Foam Rolling

To gently massage your middle and lower back, start by sitting on the floor, planting your feet, with your knees bent at a 90-degree angle. Place the foam roller beneath the lumbar spine, just above the waistline in the lower back, and lower your upper body backwards onto the roller.

Lace your fingers behind the head and lift your buttocks. Slowly roll back and forth between the waistline to the tips of your shoulder blades by bending and straightening your legs. Remain on your hotspots for about 15 seconds.

BlackRoll Groove Pro Roller

The BlackRoll Groove Pro Roller is the perfect choice for middle and lower back massages. It's 50% harder than the standard roller and grooved for a stronger massage effect. Ideal for anyone suffering from back pains, the Groove Roller improves blood circulation and works great for the purpose of regeneration of muscles and fascia.

Hamstring with the Standard Roller

Hamstring Massage with Foam roller

Aching hamstrings are one of the most common complaints from all kinds of athletes. To give your hamstrings a rejuvenating massage, start by sitting on the floor with your legs extended. Place the foam roller underneath your thigh, just above the hollow of the knee, and support yourself on your hands.

Lift your buttocks off the floor and slowly roll back and forth over the hamstring. Rotate the legs to the left and right to ensure treatment of the whole area.

BlackRoll Standard Foam Roller

The BlackRoll Standard Foam Roller is suitable for most foam rolling exercises, but it's especially ideal for massaging hamstrings. Its 30cm length and medium hardness ensure your hamstrings get the best possible treatment that feels pleasant throughout.

Forearm with the Mini Roller

Forearm Massage with Foam Roller

To give your forearms a gentle massage, start by sitting at a table, placing your left forearm onto the foam roller with the palm facing up. Apply pressure onto the roller by placing the right hand on the left forearm.

Slowly roll back and forth from wrist to elbow under constant pressure. Turn your left palm downwards and roll the inner forearm. Repeat with your right forearm.

BlackRoll Mini Foam Roller

The size of the BlackRoll Mini Foam Roller makes it ideal for your forearms. This smaller version of a Standard Foam Roller, only 15cm long and weighing no more than 18 grams, is perfect for massaging all those hard-to-reach, deep muscles, improving blood circulation and relieving pain.

Plantar Fascia with the Massage Ball

Plantar Fascia Massage with Massage Ball

You don't have to be an athlete to suffer from painful feet. To give your tired feet a relaxing massage, start in a standard position and place your right foot on the massage ball.

Shift your body weight over the right foot to apply pressure onto the ball and roll with constant pressure in little circles over the ball. Remain on hotspots for about 10 seconds and intensify the pressure on the ball. Release the pressure and move along the sole, from the ball to the heel area of the foot and treat all hotspots in this manner. Repeat with your other foot.

BlackRoll Massage Ball

The BlackRoll Massage Ball, available in two different sizes, is perfect for massaging deep muscles, while its shape makes it especially suitable for massaging your feet. Regular massage of your plantar fascia will improve your flexibility, help regulate poor posture, regenerate your muscles and release tension.

Calf and Achilles Tendon with the Duoball

Calf Massage with Foam Roller

If you spend a lot of time on your feet, either during sports or at work, your calves can be as sore as your feet. For a rejuvenating calf massage at home, start in a sitting position, legs extended. Bend your right leg and place the left calf on the Duoball, supporting yourself on your hands.

Lift your buttocks off the floor and slowly roll back and forth over the calf by bending and extending the right leg. Rotate the left foot to the left and right, ensuring a treatment of the whole calf muscle. Repeat with your other leg.

BlackRoll Duoball Massage Ball

The unique shape of the BlackRoll Duoball Massage Ball makes it perfect for massaging your calves and Achilles tendons. As with a standard foam roller, the Duoball improves the flexibility of your muscular system, regulates poor posture, releases tension and improves blood circulation even in those harder to reach areas.

Find the Right Foam Roller for Your Needs

Foam rolling is becoming increasingly popular, and there's no denying that this kind of massage is highly beneficial for the health and wellbeing of your muscles and connective tissue. To get the most of your Blackroll product, however, it's important to find the right one for your needs, and execute the exercises correctly. If you want to learn even more about the benefits of self-massage, fascia and functional training, and keep all the best exercises in one place, we recommend giving the book Functional Fascial Training with BlackRoll a read.

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BlackRoll Massage Ball

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BlackRoll Duoball Massage Ball

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