Best Copper Bracelets for Men

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Wearing copper bracelets for medicinal purposes has been popular for thousands of years, and today the movement is as strong as ever. Copper centres on reducing joint stiffness, inflammation and pain, and if you wish to find out for yourself what the positive effects of this unusual metal are, you have absolutely nothing to lose. Unless you have an allergy to copper, these bracelets are unlikely to have any negative side effects at all.

While most copper bracelets come in gorgeous designs that can be paired with any outfit, finding a copper bracelet for men, or at least one that would be unisex, is a bit harder. We understand your struggle, which is why we've come up with this list of Best Copper Bracelets for Men that includes all the copper bracelets that can easily be worn by men as well. What they have in common is that they are all made from 99% copper of the highest quality, manufactured to adapt to your body and keep their shape for long-lasting use.

Plain Copper Bracelet

Plain Copper BraceletWith its minimalistic design in plain copper colour and six sizes, the Plain Copper Bracelet is perfect for any man who wants a copper bracelet that would remain practically invisible. Its thin shape, with no embellishments, patterns or carvings is made to keep the bracelet as unobtrusive as possible. You can easily wear it under most sleeves, so nobody knows you are using it but you. 

Key Features: Extremely minimalistic, 7mm wide, available for wrists from 5.5" to 8", made from 99% copper

Regency Copper Bracelet

Regency Copper BraceletAre you looking for a copper bracelet that would be not only beneficial to your health, but could work as a fashion accessory as well? The Regency Copper Bracelet is a very attractive copper bracelet for men, featuring a narrow-ribbed design that is stylish while still not too obtrusive. You can wear this bracelet even with more formal outfits, without it standing out like a sore thumb.

Key Features: Narrow-ribbed Regency design, 9mm wide, available for wrists from 6" to 6.5", made from 99% copper

Classic Copper Bracelet

Classic Copper BraceletIf you're looking for a touch of elegance, this Classic Copper Bracelet might be right up your alley. It features a very stylish three-ribbed design that makes it suitable for both men and women. It is available in four sizes, from Small to Extra Large, so you can easily find your fit even if you have larger wrists. As all Sabona magnetic bracelets, this one is also made from 99% pure copper with no traces of nickel.

Key Features: Stylish three-ribbed design, 7mm wide, available for wrists from 6" to 7.5", made from 99% copper

Windsor Copper Bracelet

Windsor Copper BraceletWhile most copper bracelets for men are either very plain or made to stand out as a fashion accessory, the Windsor Copper Bracelet combines discreet with decorative. It features an intriguing carved pattern that gives the bracelet a special character, but is delicate enough not to be too noticeable when you want it to remain hidden.

Key Features: Intriguing carving, 7mm wide, available for wrists from 6" to 7", made from 99% copper

Tudor Copper Bracelet

Tudor Copper BraceletThe Tudor Copper Bracelet is designed to soon become your new favourite fashion accessory. This bracelet was not designed to be hidden under your sleeve and unobtrusively do its job, but to complement your outfit and help you express your personal style. Don't let its flamboyant design fool you, though. This bracelet is as effective as all other Sabona magnetic bracelets, made from 99% pure copper with no traces of nickel.

Key Features: Attractive Tudor design, 7mm wide, available for wrists from 5" to 7", made from 99% copper

If you're considering getting a copper bracelet and the only thing stopping you is not being able to find a design that would suit your style, we hope our list of Copper Bracelets for Men can help you out. No matter what style you choose, you can rest assured the copper bracelet is made from the purest copper available to aid with your pain and discomfort.

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