Best Coccyx Pressure Relief Cushions

Sunday, 21 December 2014  |  Paul

Cushions with a cut out area at the coccyx are usually referred to as coccyx cushions and can be very useful for a number of conditions and situations. Many people who have to sit down for long periods of time due to mobility issues or desk based jobs and often find it uncomfortable on their coccyx bone and one of these cushions can help to relieve this discomfort. Coccyx cushions are also indispensable for those suffering from a broken or very injured coccyx.

Wedge shape coccyx cushions help to improve posture and comfort as you sit whilst flat style cushions are best for an injured coccyx.

Best Budget Coccyx Cushion

Drive Medical Coccyx Cushion £15.99

The special wedge shape of the Coccyx Cushion causes your pelvis to tilt forward helping to restore the natural curve of your backbone. This can help relieve pressure and may help to prevent back pain by suspending your coccyx over the cut out section.

Best Coccyx Cushion for Heavier Users

Ultimate Coccyx Wedge Pressure Relief Cushion £24.99

The Ultimate Wedge Pressure Relief Cushion optimises your posture and relieves the constant pressure on your spine and back. It is also the only coccyx wedge available with a  22 degree angle, making it the perfect aid for maintaining correct posture and relieving back pain and tail-bone pain. This coccyx cushion is made from improved high density foam with a density of 39 kilos per square metre making it the best option for heavier users. 

Best All Round Coccyx Cushion

Drive Medical Coccyx Seat Cushion £20.99

The Coccyx Seat Cushion is made from a dense visco-elastic foam material which has the property of reacting to body heat and weight so as to provide the most supportive shape possible. The cutout section the Coccyx Seat Cushion has the double function of either relieving pressure on the spine and coccyx, and/or relieve discomfort from Haemorrhoids. This item is standardized to fit virtually all car, office or domestic seats.

Best Coccyx Cushion for Long Term Use

Putnams Memory Foam Coccyx Wedge £45.99

The Putnams Memory Foam Coccyx Wedge is made using highly supportive orthopaedic memory foam and has a coccyx cut out which results in the redistribution of pressure away from the base of the spine to the remaining seating contact area. The Putnams Memory Foam Coccyx Wedge promotes good posture whilst sitting which in turn should reduce back pain and discomfort and also comes with a 2 year guarantee.

Best Coccyx Cushion for Recovering After an Injury

Putnams Coccyx Sero Pressure Relief Cushion from £30.99

The Putnams Coccyx Sero Pressure Relief Cushion is indispensable during the natural healing process after a coccyx injury as it helps to relieve pressure from an injured coccyx and the base of the spine.  It is made from Top Grade 50 superior foam offering high performance and durability. And also contains integral pockets to allow air to circulate enabling heat to disperse, while the high profile foam helps eliminate numbness and relieves pressure points.

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