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Best Christmas Gifts for Kids with Autism

Friday, 20 September 2019

Buying Christmas presents for kids with autism can prove difficult, especially as caution and care should be taken to accommodate different sensitivities and different needs before buying. Many children on the autism spectrum have difficulty processing everyday sensory information, so it's important to find out what the child likes and what the child dislikes. 

Christmas for Kids with Autism
Buying for kids with autism doesn't have to be difficult

This list of Best Christmas Gifts for Kids with Autism takes products from the wide spectrum of different requirements that kids who have autism need. Some of the products on this list are linked to sight, touch and sound, whereas others are based on interactivity and calming therapy. Buying for kids with autism at Christmas can be difficult, so why not give yourselves an idea with this wide ranging list?

Interactive Gifts for Kids with Autism

Interactive games can help to improve focus and problem solving skills while being fun at the same time. If you think the child you are buying for would appreciate an interactive game, we have a range of games that are specifically designed for kids with autism.

Animal Towers Sensory Play Game

Animal Towers for Kids with Autism

Perfect for matching, sorting, problem solving and counting, the Animal Towers Sensory Play Game is ideal for young children with autism. With tactile wooden animals and a solid wooden ball, the Animal Towers Game has plenty of play potential. Designed to withstand the test of time, this set can be used for stacking, skittles, role-play, stories and wherever else their imagination takes them.

Babushka Sensory Toy Story Book

Babushka Book for Kids with Autism

Packed with sensory-rich artefacts, the Babushka Sensory Toy Story Book takes the user on a journey to celebrate a new born king. With unusual toys and countless activity ideas, the Babushka Book helps to bring storytelling to life. Rick in sensory information, this interactive story book helps to get kids immersed in the game.

Alternatively, the Legend of the Indian Paintbrush Sensory Toy Story Book provides a different story, taking the youngster on an adventure about the lives of the Native American people. A detailed activity card makes this book highly interactive, ensuring fun for hours.

Calming Gifts for Kids with Autism

Calming gifts are ideal for when a child is overworked or suffering from an overload of the senses. Our selection is ideal for providing the child with a distraction, allowing them to focus on something else while lowering the attack on their senses.

Calming Lion Shoulder Weight

Calming Lion Shoulder Weight

With a bean filled body and a colourful corduroy face, the Calming Lion Shoulder Weight provides comfort and offers proprioceptive feedback, allowing the child to calm down. Weighing 1kg, this lion themed shoulder weight appeals to children who have autism and hyperactivity. The lion comes with a friendly face, and is more than suitable for many different situations.

Sensory Calming Twisty Robot Fidget Toy

Sensory Calming Toy

Kids love to fiddle as it can help to focus their mind, while providing endless stress relief. The Sensory Calming Twisty Robot Fidget Toy is a great fiddle toy that appeals to young children. Available in a wide range of colours and coming with many different facial expressions, these robots are great for education children about feelings, empathy and self-occupation.

Oral, Auditory and Visual Gifts for Kids with Autism

Kids with autism can easily suffer from over-stimulation of the senses. However, their senses need to be stimulated too. We stock a wide selection of gifts that target those who are orally focused, those who are auditory focused and those who are light focused.

Sensory Chewbuddy 1 with Lanyard

Chewbuddy Lanyard for Kids with Autism

For kids who love to chew for sensory relief, the Sensory Chewbuddy 1 with Lanyard offers excellent bite resistance while also being useful as a great tactile fidget toy. Featuring a round head that provides a bi-lateral biting surface, and dimples on the leg for sensory feedback, this MHRA-approved device is well suited to kids with autism. The Chewbuddy also comes with a safe lanyard, allowing the child to place the toy around their neck without it becoming lost so they can use it whenever necessary.

Auditory Sensory Tub

Auditory Sensory Tub for Kids with Autism

The Auditory Sensory Tub is designed to encourage participation, movement, hand-eye co-ordination, communication, vocalisation, tracking skills and visual attention. Perfect for young people with autism, this multi-sensory kit is filled with a variety of items that are designed to provide different auditory sounds and musical rewards. Complete with a sturdy rub for storage, the Auditory Tub features a range of items with different sounds, colours and shapes.

Buy the Right Gift this Christmas

It shouldn't have to be difficult to buy a gift for children with autism, but it's worth exploring whether they prefer audible, visual or oral-based sensory gifts. We hope that this list has helped give you some ideas about what to buy, but if you're still stuck try checking out our Sensory Calming Toys category, our Sensory Interaction category and our Autism and Hyperactivity category.

For more advice, you can find us on Twitter and Facebook or try calling us on 020 7720 2266 where one of our customer care team will be delighted to help.

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Animal Towers Sensory Play Game
  • Plenty of play potential;
  • Tactile wooden animals & solid wood ball;
  • Perfect for matching, sorting, problem solving & counting;
  • Ideal for babies (with supervision) through to six year olds.

Babushka Sensory Toy Story Book
  • Packed with sensory-rich artifacts;
  • Join Babushka on a journey to celebrate the new born King;
  • Unusual toys and countless activity ideas;
  • Perfect for bring storytelling and the EYFS to life.

Calming Lion Shoulder Weight
  • Weighs 1kg;
  • Handmade in the UK, CE approved;
  • Bean filled body and colourful corduroy face;
  • Offers proprioceptive feedback & calming effect.   

Sensory Calming Twisty Robot Fidget Toy
  • Perfect fiddling toy;
  • Offers cerebral interest and challenge;
  • Provides proprioceptive feedback for children;
  • Strong, durable and small enough to be discreet.

Sensory Chewbuddy 1 with Lanyard
  • With ridges for additional interest;
  • For kids who love to chew for sensory relief;
  • Round head" gives a bi-lateral biting surface;
  • Legs have raised dimples for sensory feedback.

Auditory Sensory Tub
  • Multi-sensory equipment 
  • Colourful and auditory, stimulating objects
  • Supplied with storage box
  • Ideal for any sensory space