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Friday, 14 September 2018

Buying presents at Christmas doesn't have to be a painful task. Here at Health and Care we have a growing range of products that can educate, entertain, comfort and make your life easier, all perfect for a Christmas gift. Grandparents can be difficult to buy for, so we have selected the top products that we believe make the Best Christmas Gift for Grandparents.

Best Christmas Gifts for Grandparents
Buying for Grandparents doesn't have to be hard this Christmas

When selecting our top gifts, we've tried to be as varied as we can, as Grandparents can cover a wide age range encompassing different degrees of health. Taking into account price, style, use and appearance, this list attempts to provide different types of products in order to help you find the right gift.

Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock with Shaker

Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock with Shaker

If the grandparents you are buying for are a little hard of hearing, then the Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock with Shaker is perfect. With a vibration pad that is placed under the pillow, the Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock produces a noise that can be adjusted up to 113 decibels (that's louder than a jackhammer, rock band or lawn mower).

The Shaker comes with built in flashing lights, which mean that the sleeping person is hit with a three-pronged alarm consisting of sound, vibration and flashing light. Featuring a built in snooze button and a dimmer switch, this easy to use Shaker is perfect for anyone who is hard of hearing.

Key Features: Extra-loud alarm can be adjusted up to 113 decibels; provides loud sound, vibrations and bright flashing lights; special vibration pad fits under the pillow.

Height-Adjustable Mini Folding Cartoon Cats Derby Handle Walking Stick

Cartoon Handling Walking StickFor those who require an aid when walking, this walking stick provides an aesthetic theme with a large amount of personality. The Height-Adjustable Mini Folding Cartoon Cats Derby Handle Walking Stick is adjustable in height, with its strong aluminium proving to be lightweight and easy to carry.

As this walking stick can be folded into five different sections, it's easy to store and ideal for those who don't require a stick all the time. If you're interested in buying a loved one a walking stick for Christmas but aren't too keen on this one, then you can always check out our range of Walking Sticks and Canes.

Key Features: Adjustable in height making it suitable for many users (33" to 36"); easily folded for those who don't require constant walking assistance; aesthetic design perfect for added a bit of personality.

Beurer Heated Cosy Cushion

Beurer Heated CushionA perfect gift for Grandparents is the Beurer Heated Cosy Cushion, as it provides unparalleled warmth even in cold, winter conditions. Ideal for the height of winter, the Heated Cosy Cushion quickly warms the cushion when asked to do so through the remote control.

The Cushion comes with three different settings including 'Turbo Heating', which is bound to heat up anyone after a walk in the cold. The Cosy Cushion automatically turns off after 90 minutes, while the illuminated temperature settings are user friendly towards anyone who may have poor vision.

Key Features: Comes with three different temperature options; automatically turns off after 90 minutes; light up temperature display easy to see.

Tenura Non Slip Jar Opener

Tenura Non-Slip Jar OpenerEven people who are young and fit can find jars difficult to open, so it's surprising that jars still don't cater to people who have impairments with grip, strength and mobility. Thankfully, Tenura have provided a solution with their Tenura Non Slip Jar Opener that is designed using 100% silicone rubber, providing enough grip for lids to be easily removed from even the toughest of jars.

Fully washable and long-lasting, the grippy Jar Opener can help to maintain independent living for those who struggle with grip and mobility. Non toxic, safe and unique, this product makes living easier.

Key Features: Grips to lids for easy removable; designed with 100% silicone rubber that offers longevity; fully washable and non toxic.

Geemarc Viso 5 Digital Clock with Picture Frame

Geemarc Viso 5 Digital ClockThe customisable Geemarc Viso 5 Digital Clock with Picture Frame allows the user to combine a favourite picture with an easy-to-read digital display. Perfect to place a photo of grandchildren, the Digital Clock gives the user the choice of four easy to read formats. 

With atomic time setting the time automatically, the Clock is user friendly. Easy to see and easy to read, this personalised clock is ideal for pictures of grandchildren and family.

Key Features: Comes with a picture frame ideal for a photo of the family (WxH); atomic time sets time automatically; features four easy-to-read formats.

Buy the Perfect Gift for Grandparents This Christmas

We hope we've given you some ideas about what to buy Grandparents this Christmas. If you are still struggling, you could always call us on 020 7720 2266 where one of our customer care team will be delighted to help. If not, check out our Great Gifts page where we have a wide range of gifts that are perfect for all the family.

If you have something to add or a question to ask, please do so in the comment section below, or find us on Facebook and Twitter!

Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock with Shaker
  • Extra-loud volume ideal for the hard of hearing
  • Vibration pad for under pillow provides physical prompt
  • Alert lights and red display for easy viewing and visual aid
  • Adjustable functions for optimum use

Height-Adjustable Mini Folding Cartoon Cats Derby Handle Walking Stick
  • Sturdy yet lightweight aluminium stick with a stylish pattern
  • Compact design folds into five sections to fit into a handbag
  • Wooden Derby handle and adjustable height improve comfort
  • Wrist cord included to reduce the risk of dropping the stick

Beurer Electric Heated Cushion
  • Cosy electric heated cushion
  • Simulates the comfort of a hot water bottle
  • Automatic switch off after approximately 90 minutes
  • Three illuminated temperature settings via remote control

Tenura Non Slip Jar Opener


  • 100% silicone rubber;
  • Provides firm grip and hold;
  • Maintains independent living;
  • Fully washable and long lasting.


Geemarc Viso 5 Digital Clock with Picture Frame
  • Allows you to customise the clock with your favourite picture
  • Equipped with a large digital display and four display formats
  • Atomic time setting automatically adjusts the time for you
  • Dimensions of the picture frame (WxH): 15 x 10cm