Best Christmas Gifts for Dad 2018

Thursday, 6 September 2018

It's that time of the year again; the days are getting shorter, the weather is getting colder, and you're starting to wonder what on earth to get Dad for Christmas. We've all been there, either you start early and struggle to get an answer for what he actually wants, or you leave it too late and have to do a last minute panic buy.

Dad At Christmas
We have a wide selection of gadgets and gizmos for Dad this Christmas

Don't worry, here at Health and Care we have an ever growing range of gadgets and gizmos that are perfect for Dad, so we've decided to showpiece our best and help you out in your Christmas shopping. Aiming at variety and quality, we've selected this list of products that promise to make someone's Christmas in 2018.

Beurer MG155 Vibrating Seat Cover

Beurer MG155 Vibrating Seat CoverImagine being massaged on your morning commute to work. Sounds good, doesn't it? Well, the Beurer MG155 Vibrating Seat Cover does just that, using five vibration motors to massage the user in whichever seat they are in. It's easy to operate with its manual control switch, and is supplied with a car adaptor. Great for use in the car or while sat inside at home, its controllable heat function can keep the user warm, perfect for those cold winter mornings!

Key Features: Suitable for use with almost every seat; comes with a separate heat function; supplied with a car adaptor. 

Touchscreen Black Men's Isotoner Smartouch Gloves

Touchscreen Isotoner Smartouch GlovesThe next two products are perfect for a Dad who likes going to the football. First up, is the Touchscreen Black men's Isotoner Smartouch Gloves that work by utilising a special acrylic material that allows the wearer to use their touchscreen device during use. It's a pain having to remove your gloves to text, especially when your hands keep getting cold again.

The Isotoner Gloves are smart, and allow an electrical charge to pass through the gloves which means that smartphones can recognise when buttons are pressed. Perfect for keeping hands warm and toasty without exposing them to the cold.

Key Features: Allows touchscreen devices to recognise buttons being pressed; suitable for iPhones, iPads and other touch devices; keeps hands warm while using a touchscreen. 

Zippo Hand Warmer (6 hour)

Zippo Hand WarmerEven if you're heavily wrapped up, keeping your hands warm can be one of the more difficult things to accomplish. The easy-to-fill Zippo Hand Warmer (6 hour) is perfect for watching sports, going out jogging or for use at work, as when filled with Zippo lighter fluid, it will provide 6 hours of slow heat release. 

Reusable, small and lightweight, the Zippo Hand Warmer can easily fit in the pocket, which is perfect for extended use. Highly durable and environmentally friendly, there is even a 12 hour heat release version if required.

Key Features: Filled with Zippo fluid for slow release of heat; reusable device; odourless; can fit in the pocket during use.

Harley Designer Memory Foam Neck Pillow

Harley Designed Memory Foam Neck PillowBack pain effects a lot of us with up to 2.5 million people struggling from the condition every single day of their lives. The Harley Designer Memory Foam Neck Pillow is an industry standard memory foam pillow that supports the back, shoulders and neck to eliminate pain during use.

It is the UK's top selling professional orthopaedic pillow, as it uses viscoelastic memory foam to support core areas during sleep. Extremely comfortable, this pillow has been proven to relieve back pain, which makes it a highly popular Christmas gift for those suffering with pain.

Key Features: Viscoelastic memory foam relieves back pain; cradles the neck and spine; ergonomic design ensures comfort while you sleep.

Beurer EM35 Stomach Toning Belt

Beurer EM35 Stomach Toning BeltA perfect gift for Christmas, especially for those who are looking to lose a few pounds after the winter holiday. The Beurer EM35 Stomach Toning Belt helps the user to tone their front abdominal and back muscles. With a Velcro fastening this Toning Belt is suitable for most users, especially as its adjustable intensity setting means catered results to every body type.

Using EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) to stimulate core areas, the Beurer EM35 provides pain relief too. Perfect for dads looking to tone their body, the Toning Belt also features a memory function for continuous training control.

Key Features: Stimulates the front abdominal muscles; catered to users through an intensity setting; offers five different training programmes.

Buy the Perfect Gift This Christmas

We hope you've found something that you want to buy for Dad, son or partner in this article. If you're still stuck for choice, we would recommend heading over to our Gift section on our website, where you're bound to find something that you like.

If you have something to add or a question to ask, please do so in the comment section below, or find us on Facebook and Twitter!

Harley Designer Memory Foam Neck Pillow

Harley Designer Memory Foam Neck Pillow£37.99  -  £49.99