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Beat the Chil(blains) with the Beurer Electric Foot Warmer!

Saturday, 28 February 2015  |  Sophie

With winter well and truly upon us now, the cold weather will make us more susceptible to chilblains. Although chilblains are not life-threatening, if you have suffered from chilblains before, you will understand how itchy and uncomfortable they are. Chilblains can affect your fingers, toes, ears and nose and usually does not require medical attention. However, if you suffer from acute chilblains, recurring chilblains or an occurrence of chilblains that does not improve within a few weeks, it is advised to see your GP. Typically however, chilblains heal within a few weeks if the affected area is kept away from the cold. During the winter, it can be difficult to keep our fingers and toes away from the cold. Here at Health and Care, we have the Beurer Electric Foot Warmer; a cosy, heated foot warmer that can help to prevent chilblains on your feet.

What Is the Beurer Electric Foot Warmer?

Made of a soft, micro-fibre fleece the Beurer Foot Warmer is an electric foot warmer that provides the user’s feet with heat on demand. With electricity and gas prices rising, you can now ensure that your feet are toasty with the Beurer Electric Foot Warmer - without turning up your thermostat. Whether you have a medical condition or you simply wish to relax in front of the television, the Beurer Foot Warmer will enhance your relaxation during these cold winter months.

How Do I Use the Beurer Electric Foot Warmer?          

The Beurer Foot Warmer is simple to use – you do not need to worry about complicated settings and fiddly buttons. The Beurer Electric Foot Warmer has a handy, detachable controller with 3 heat settings. Simply slip your feet into the Foot Warmer, select your preferred heat and relax. Let the Beurer Electric Foot Warmer pamper those tired feet of yours whilst you unwind with a cuppa. For those extra cold days, the Beurer Electric Foot Warmer also has a turbo setting.

Can I Wash the Beurer Electric Foot Warmer?

The Beurer Foot Warmer has an extra soft teddy lining to ensure maximum comfort for your feet. This luxurious lining can also be detached from the Beurer Electric Foot Warmer to be washed for ultimate comfort and hygiene.

Will the Beurer Electric Foot Warmer Be Suitable for Me?

Whether you are prone to chilblains, have poor circulation in your feet or simply want to treat your feet, the Beurer Electric Foot Warmer is the product for you. The Beurer Foot Warmer, which can accommodate all feet sizes up to a Size 11, can be used by the young or the old. Made out of a super breathable microfleece, you need not to worry about the Beurer Foot Warmer causing skin irritations or causing your feet to sweat. The Foot Warmer also features BSS (Beurer Safety System) overheating protection system and automatically switches off after 90 minutes, so you can use the Beurer Electric Foot Warmer with the greatest peace of mind.

If you are interested in the Beurer Electric Foot Warmer, you can find it on Health and Care today with fast and free UK delivery.