Be quick before they all sell out!!

Monday, 8 July 2013  |  Paul

Every now and again at Health and Care we have a product which gets publicity via the newspapers or even television which in turn means our customers clamber to buy them before they run out.

Most recently the Original Copper Heeler had a lot of column inches which meant we were sending them out left, right and centre. You knew that every other call you took was from someone looking to buy a pair.

I added a new product the other day called Painmaster – which has recently been featured on This Morning. Within a few hours, the order count was racking up. I think this could maybe give the Copper Heeler sales a run for its money.

The Painmaster provides drug-free pain relief using Micro Current Therapy which can be worn continuously for 24 hours a day.

Micro Current Therapy (MCT) works in tandem with the natural electrical nature of the body to aid it in the creating the ideal environment for self-healing. Injured cells that are inflamed or “in pain”, actually resist and block the body’s natural healing current. Painmaster - Micro Current Therapy delivers extremely small pulsating currents of electricity at the cellular level, which enhances circulation not only around, but more importantly, through the source of pain or injury.

The Painmaster is ideal for all sorts of aches and pains from Arthritis to Migraines.

Using Painmaster will help to relieve your pains in a natural way.