Bathroom Aids to Assist with Mobility Issues

Tuesday, 7 November 2017  |  Paul

Bathing, showering and using the toilet should be relaxing and uncomplicated, however, for the elderly and disabled these activities can be extremely difficult, and sometimes even impossible. Fortunately, you don’t need a complete overhaul of your bathroom in order to make it a safe and functional area for someone with mobility problems, as simply using bathroom aids such as rubber bathmats, grabrails, arm supports, shower seats and bath steps, can provide comfort and security – as well as some independence – to disabled and elderly individuals.

Shower Seats

Shower seats make it easier and safer to shower when you have trouble standing, or when you are unable to stand for long enough to take a shower. These seats come in many different designs – including full, padded chairs, such as the Invacare Aquatec Ocean Universal Soft Seat, tilting wheelchairs with footrests, like the Etac Swift Mobile Tilt Shower/Toilet Chair with Pan Holder, and folding benches, such as the Economy Wall Mounted Shower Seat, that bolt to the wall. 

Grabrails, Arm Supports and Toilet Surrounds

Safety rails and arm supports can provide stability and prevent slips, improving overall safety in the bath and shower. They can also be used for leverage when standing up – whether from the toilet or from a shower seat. Our range of hinged arm supports includes the Contour Hinged Arm Support, and the Trombone Drop Down Grab Rail With Adjustable Leg. Toilet surrounds, like the Adjustable Height Toilet Surround, are also ideal for use as a mobility aid at the toilet, as they provide balance and support when sitting down and standing up. 

Grabrails are available in many different lengths, sizes and angles, so there’s something to suit everyone and every space. Grabrails come in a variety of designs, including ones that bolt to the wall and grabrails with suction cups that adhere to tiled surfaces. Some grabrails, such as the Contour 600 x 400mm 90 Degree Angled Fluted Grabrail and Contour 135 Degree Angled Fluted Grabrail are available in blue to assist the visually-impaired.

Bath Steps and Rubber Mats

Bath steps can make getting in and out of the bath much easier when you have a disability or stiff joints. Choose a bath step with a non-slip surface and non-slip feet, like the Vitility Bath Step or the Coopers Prima Bath Step, for added safety and security.

Rubber bath mats can greatly reduce the risk of slipping in the bath or shower – both of which can cause or worsen mobility problems. Our range of non-slip rubber mats includes the Homecraft Sure Tread Shower Mat and the Standard Size Rubber Bath Mat.

Toilet Seat Raisers

A toilet seat raiser improves the accessibility of a toilet for older people and those with disabilities by making it easier to sit down and get up again. These are available in a variety of styles including foam cushions (Luxury Padded Toilet Seat Raiser), toilet seats that attach to the bowl (Derby Prima Raised Deluxe Toilet Seat 2"/5cm with Lid) and freestanding frames (Etac Swift Freestanding Toilet Seat Raiser).

Changing Benches

A changing bench is ideal for anyone that needs to lie down while bathing. The Ropox Height Adjustable Changing Bench is a collapsible, easy-to-clean changing bench that keeps the water contained in a built-in tray. This allows the individual to be bathed with ease, without wetting the carer or the floor. 

Buy Bathroom Aids at Health and Care

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