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Bathlifts - Which One Is Right For You? Explains Their Range

Monday, 1 June 2009  |  Paul

Buying a bath lift can be a difficult process. There are a lot of thing to consider and it is well worth shopping around on the internet to get the best prices for the bath lift you really want.

Many people come to a time in their life when getting in and out of the bath is so much of a struggle that it puts them off having a bath altogether. That should not be the case and the bath lift is the ideal solution to make bathing easier.

Bathlifts have been around for many years and like all technology products, they are improving in quality all the time and are well worth the investment.

The most popular kind of bath lift is the Reclining Bath Lift. This kind of bath lift enables the user to fully recline in the bath and enjoy a relaxing bath just like they used to. The Aquajoy Premier Plus bath lift is great example and comes with a range of optional accessories to make bathing even easier including a floating hand control and a swivel seat.

The Aquila Bath lift is also another great choice of bath lift if you are looking for a reliable, lightweight reclining bathlift. The Minivator Bliss is superb and elegant reclining bath lift that is easy to assemble and remove from the bath. The Minivator Bliss bath lift even comes with 3 reclining positions making the bathing experience very similar to that of bathing without a bath lift.

If you are short on space or would rather not recline fully in your bath then a fixed bathlift is the right bath lift for you. There are number of different bath lift manufacturers who make the fixed bathlift, one of them is Aquajoy. Aquajoy make the Aquajoy Saver Bathlift. This is a fixed, upright bath lift suitable for a range of bath styles and users. The Aquajoy Saver bathlift even fits corner baths so it is a great, flexible choice.

The Bellavita bath lift has been ergonomically designed for comfort and safety. This is also a fixed bathlift but it is slimline and lightweight and therefore great for storing away if the bathlift needs to be removed for a short time.

Many children also need a bath lift to enjoy a safe bath and have different requirements than adults. For children the Aquajoy Junior Plus Bath lift is perfect. It is a lightweight, reclining bathlift so the child can lie down fully in the bath and still enjoy bath time.

The Aquajoy Junior Plus Bath lift also comes with multi-coloured covers making the bathlift much more appealing to the child and not clinical looking. A number of bath lift accessories are available for the Aquajoy Junior Plus Bath lift including a comfortable cushion and a chest and lap harness making the bath lift even safer and more secure for a child's bath time.