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Bathing & Showering

Tuesday, 13 August 2013  |  Paul

This week I’ve been adding to the Bathing and Showering section of the website and there’s been a few stand out products that I quite fancy trying.

First up is the Rinse Free Shampoo Cap. I think these would be perfect for festivals, basically you just put it on and massage for a few minutes until your hair feels saturated and you have clean, freshly washed hair! I have no idea how it works to be honest, I think it’s probably magic or witchcraft. Once you’ve done this you can take off the cap, throw away and style your hair as normal, no need for conditioner either. We sell these as single item or in value packs of 10, so you can try it once and if you like them, you can buy in bulk a lot cheaper!

The Soft Feel Comfort Bath Pillow is another personal favourite of mine. Unlike a lot of other bath pillows, it’s not like lying on a piece of slippery rubber or a cold inflated balloon. This actually has a soft foam inner, which is more pillow like and warm to the touch. The Soft Feel Comfort Bath Pillow also has a waffle like cover which relieves pressure around the neck and shoulders – the ultimate in bath comfort!

Finally, I think the Bath Shortener is absolutely genius, I never knew this kind of product actually existed and being quite short myself I can see how this would be useful to people. Rather than trying to keep your face out of the water on tip toes, or having to sit properly up right, you can lay back and relax whilst resting your feet on the Bath Shortener. It’s also made of plastic so will heat to the baths temperature as you like it. To remove, simply pull and the suckers will release so you can store it away.

I’m adding loads of really useful Bath and Shower Accessories at the moment, some are more of a necessity (grab rails, inflatable baths and pressure relief bath cushions) but we also have and cool stuff which would make great gifts, check out our Bathing and Showering Solutions here