Bath Time

Wednesday, 31 July 2013  |  Paul

I’m not really a bath type of guy. I much prefer the blast of a shower but from time to time I like to indulge in a soak in the bath. I’ve only ever met one person who has overflowed the bath which in turn ruined his girlfriend’s parent’s bathroom.

It got me thinking about how often this happens because you see it depicted on television so often. To be honest I don’t think an overflowing bath is much of a concern for most of us. I do sometime forget that I’ve left it running but it has never been anywhere near to the top.

I found these genius products on our website which can help eliminate the risk of your house becoming flooded via bath time forgetfulness – Magiplug Bath Overflow Plug and Temperature Plug & Bath Temperature and Water Level Alert Alarm.

Both items are extremely small and inexpensive and in the long run could save you a whopping great bill. The temperature feature is also a great idea to prevent scolding. I still haven’t mastered running a bath to the ideal temperature even after all these years. My hands can obviously take heat better than the rest of my body!

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