Bargain to Blow Out: Knee support for Women

Monday, 17 June 2013  |  Paul

Some painful knee conditions are actually more common in women than in men such as Chondromalacia Patella. Wearing unsupportive flat shoes or high heels among other things can take their toll on your knees and a well-fitting knee support can make a real difference to daily life by providing support and pain relief while preventing further irritation around then knee. Some knee supports have been especially designed with women in mind with a more contoured shape to fit the female knee, here is run down of our best sellers:


Wellgate Ultra Light Knee Support £9.99

The Wellgate Ultra Light Knee Support is made from soft, breathable  knitted stretch fabric and is flexible and suitable for wearing during your daily exercise and work-outs or even all day long. The knit fabric has a different weave over the patella section to help support the patella. The top band is super soft to ouch with wavy grip line inside the band to keep the support in place comfortably. The slim fitting design fits discreetly under clothing and provides light weight flexible compression and support to for stiff, weak, sore or arthritic knees. This support features a unique hour glass shape which fits smoothly around a woman’s natural knee shape.  The ultrs light knee helps to sooth knee pain, aches and stiffness and also help to prevent injury. The Wellgate support is registered as EU class I medical device and comes in a reusable pouch allowing gym/sport users to store their support time and time again helping to maintain and prolong the life of the product. 


Rehband Core Womens Knee Support £20.99

The Rehband Core Womens Knee Support is specifically designed for women to be a perfect fit. It has been constructed from neoprene blend fabric offering support and warmth and a localised increase of blood flow around the knee. The Neoprene blend retains warmth to prevent stiff joints and muscles and encourage faster recovery form injury. It also provides pressure relief and helps to relieve pain caused by overuse and improves coordination. The support has a unique shape with specially placed anatomical seams for optimum fit around a woman’s knee.  The core knee support offers great support to help you feel safe during sports and everyday activities by helping to prevent injuries and absorb shock.

Blow Out

Mueller Lifecare Contour Knee Support £28.99

The Mueller Lifecare Contour Knee Support is an innovative product designed for woman and is a reliable and comfortable support to keep you active. It has been designed to help relieve the pain associated with arthritis and tendonitis with a comfortable fit especially for women. The support has been designed to meet the needs of everyday activities for woman of all ages. It is made from ultra thin and super soft fabric with a stretchy spandex blend meaning it will not bind or bunch as you move. The support has flexible steel springs running down the sides of the knee for effective support as well as a gel buttress offering targeted compression below the knee to support the patella and relieve pain.

All of the products above are available with free mainland UK delivery!