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Bargain to Blow Out: Cushioning Heel Cups

Tuesday, 7 May 2013  |  Paul

A pair of cushioning heel cups is ideal for pain relief in the heel area from common conditions such as heel spurs and Plantar Fasciitis. Heel cups can also bring great comfort to people who are on their feet all day. They can help beat bag foot fatigue and soreness bought on by shoes with hard or unsupportive soles. Uncomfortable shoes can be revitalised with a simple pair of gel or silicone cushions to take some of the impact of everyday activities.

JuraGel Silicone Heel Cup £16.99

These bargain heel cups are made from soft silicone gel with mineral oil for it’s skin friendly properties. For your convenience they are washable and reusable with a design that allows them to easily fit into shoes. The raised stabilising walls at the sides of the cups will absorb shock and redistribute your body weight evenly over the whole foot. The soft gel construction helps to reduce almost any heel pain making them ideal for people exposed to long periods of standing or walking.

Liqua Care Heel Relief Pads £23.99

These Heel Pads are from the therapeutic Liqua Care range designed to evenly redistribute pressure to beat back heel pain. They are manufactured from high quality silicone solid gel which stays in position without any fixation and comes with a 2 year warranty against material defects and workmanship reflecting their high quality finish. The cups can be trimmed for a perfect fit and hand washed. They provide lasting comfort and relief for people do a lot of standing and walking or who suffer from heel spurs, diabetic feet, arthritis, Achilles pain, Achilles tendon soreness, plantar fasciitis and sports injuries

Otto Bock Technogel® Heel Pad with SoftSpot £39.99

These high tech heel pads reduce impact with precise targeted relief in the heel area. Their premium construction achieves effective relief from heel pain with a choice of two different density soft spots to customise your support level. They have been recommended for those that suffer from conditions including heel spur, achilles tendonitis, leg length discrepancy up to 1cm and pain in the calcaneal part of the foot.  The heel bads have an outer layer of Breathable SpaceTex® material for extra comfort and self-adhesive for firm fixation into any style of shoe.

Heel cups and pads are part of a wider range of heel supports available from Health and Care, all available with with free delivery.