Avoiding the little accidents

Saturday, 11 May 2013  |  Paul

The summer is almost here and one of the most common enquires we receive from parents with school aged children is about how to deal with bedwetting accidents during the night. This is because many children this year will be experiencing their first summer camp away from home and parents want to let them go without worrying about night time bedwetting.

The Dri Sleeper range at Health and Care is designed to stop bedwetting permanently and can be used on children over the age of 5. The Dri Sleeper trains the mind to wake up when the bladder is full and will help them to wake up to eliminate those little accidents.

 There are two options available in this range. The Dri Sleeper Excel and the Dri sleeper Eclipse. The Dri Sleeper Excel is the most economical option however you have to replace the sensor every 4-6 weeks (based on daily use) and the unit needs to be attached to the child’s nightwear. The Excel is very simple to set up and the alarm would wake the child when they needed to go to the toilet.

The Eclipse version is more expensive but is a wireless version with a base unit that would go next to the bed. The sensor also lasts longer (6 months+) something to note is that this does need to be programmed and does take a few minutes to work through; but it worth it. We have received very positive feedback regarding the Dri-sleeper range and it has worked for 1000’s of Children successfully. To find out more please read the descriptions and articles on the Health and Care website.