Avoid the dreaded chapped lips with Sportique Lip Balm

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Have you ever done a really big yawn and cracked your lips because they are so dry?

Have you ever sneezed so hard that your dry lips split?

…What about when you think you’ve finally defeated the dreaded dry, cracked lips then all of a sudden they crack all over again??

I can vouch that all of these things can (…and do) happen!

The best way to avoid being dragged down by unnecessarily dry or cracked lips is to look after them all year round.

The Sportique Skin Care Range is what you need to avoid dry, chapped lips. They’re made using 100% natural botanical and herbal ingredients, none of that synthetic rubbish!

The lip balms are available in Cherry, Honey, Peach and even Caffe Latte!! These are made with outdoor fanatics in mind to keep your lips soft in all scenarios.

At this time of year the ever changing weather can also play havoc, not only with your lips but with the skin on your face in general.

Sportique Lipguard Lip Protection can also be applied to your nose, ears and face.

Check out the full range for massage oils, hand cream, body cream and a whole load more.


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