Autism & Hyperactivity Calming Weighted Therapy Blankets

Friday, 27 June 2014  |  Paul

This week at Health and we have focused on our range of weighted blankets which offer safe and effective way of helping children and adults calm their body for sleep and can be particularly helpful for those with autism or Hyperactivity. The weight applied by the blankets can promote a calming effect, encouraging relaxation and better sleep.

The weighted blankets are available in range of different weights to suit different users and can provide a safe and effective therapeutic solution for those with Autism or Hyperactivity and their families. Use of a weighted blanket can help to relieve anxiety and stress, ease transition periods and help prevent melt-downs and repetitive behaviours which, particularly at bed time, can become very difficult and tiring situations for families.

The calming blankets are available with stitched pockets in predetermined weights or with adjustable pockets so that more weight can be added over time as a child grows. This feature makes the calming weighted blankets very cost effective and versatile.

There are covers available in the range for the weighted blankets in fun patterns making them fit in with the user’s bedroom and look more like a usual piece of bedding. They also help to protect the calming blankets with adjustable pockets from little hands making them safer.

Along with weighted blankets we now stock weighted lap and shoulder pads and weighted therapy clothing all with free delivery!