Are you sitting comfortably?

Friday, 27 September 2013  |  Paul

Then let’s begin. Many of us have problems with our posture and this is shown in how we sit and how we stand. We have had blogs on how to correct our posture when we are sitting but how about when we are standing and being active. 

One range of products which have been very popular in this area of posture when standing in the Health and Care range are the Powerstep insoles. They are that good I even recommended them to a friend. The reason for this is that he described to me the problem with his feet as they were not in the correct position and said that this causes problems with his knees, hips etc and instantly I thought of the Powerstep range of insoles. Mainly due to the image that I had seen that shows the insoles in action. 

The Powerstep range is comfortable and offer a whole support system for your feet to prevent heel and arch pain. The insoles correct your feet alignment and then this works up the body. They were specifically designed by podiatrists with wealth of experience and we have had fantastic feedback on the range. There are a number of Powerstep options for the everyday to the more active user.  

They are certainly worth the investment so why not have alook.